Report: Starfield First Look Surfaces via Leaked Images

Fresh Bethesda news has surfaced thats not connected to the sale, and it's our first look at Starfield, the upcoming RPG that's based on a new IP.

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RazzerRedux23d ago

How can you tell if the game is boring or not based on those images?

gamesftw25023d ago

Apparently he works at Bethesda thats how he knows.

StoneColdCrazy23d ago

I tell you why he tell the game is boring.. Sony fanboy that why.

BioShockGX23d ago

Something about it feels boring lol

Tedakin23d ago

It's a first party xbox game now so that means it's automatically boring.

conanlifts23d ago

Bethesda no long make good games apparently. At least that seems to be a common thought in the last week.

NecrumOddBoy23d ago

To above.

The rest of my text didn’t post. The attacking isn’t cool but typical internet nonsense.

What I was trying to emphasize is that this looks very plain as opposed to something like The Outer Worlds which I thought Starfield might look like. There’s so much we don’t know but it also reminds me of 2001: A Space Oddysee which would be an incredible influence.

This is a game I am excited for; Also I e been a member in this site a long time so being trashed isn’t sat.

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KyRo23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Tbf ES and Fallout are hardly fun games. Great story, absolutely tragic gameplay. It's not hard to believe this will be boring. Bethesda has some strong development studios with ID and Tango under its belt but it's own, Bethesda Softworks are absolutely trash.

Babadook723d ago

I hate it when people criticize games based on leaks. Leaks almost always make a game seem boring compared to a reveal.

Marquinho23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Thanks to these images I can tell the hype about Starfield has absolutely skyrocketed since Bethesda's acquisition.

This is already the Top 5 hottest news of the month and it could well reach 1st place.

To put things in perspective, in a month when Sony had a PS5 event, in which they announced God of War 2 for 2021, 5 out of the 6 Top news of the month are Xbox related or derived:

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lelo2play23d ago

Just accept it.
It's less painful.

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Artemidorus23d ago

Literally basic images and you came to the conclusion of boring.

Don't ever review anything please.

MajorLazer23d ago

I think your fanboy goggles were set to maximum when you viewed those images.

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Godmars29023d ago

Yeah. Nothing to tell from those pics. Far as know or care its coming to the PS4, meaning it will be playable on the PS5, so enough with the sour grapes.

Lore23d ago

On a side note, saw someone walking yesterday wearing a Dying Light 2 “dev” shirt

Really wanted to pick his brain and see what on earth is happening

Marquinho23d ago

Xbox's lineup has gone from exciting to exhilarating.

sampsonon23d ago

It does look dull. But that will fit Gamepass just fine.

23d ago
Chris1223d ago

Oh Sampsonon, has the news hit you hard? Do you see anything positive in this acquisition at all?

Thatgrammar23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Are you sure The Last Of Us Part II (I am assuming thats what you are referring to in your statement) is the “lowest user reviewed console exclusive of all time”? On what website? The review is divided on most websites for the user review. A little over 50% of the reviews give it a 9 or 10 while a little under 50% of reviews give it a 0 or 1. Plus, I also saw reviews of 0 going into these user review sections before the game was even released. Some people gave it a 10 before it was even released on the user reviews. Even the PS5 already had some 1/5 stars and 5/5 stars reviews on Amazon the other day (looks like Amazon took them down). All this to say, it seems like most people either liked the game or disliked the game. A very small percentage of people gave it a score in the middle (5-7). There are other sources to check for reviews besides internet specific websites. If you check on the PS store it has a 4/5 user review score out of over 27,000 reviews. I believe that score over all others considering you have to buy the game in order to rate it on the PS store. I personally love the game. It is all subjective. Why bring up how much you dislike something in a conversation thats not even about that subject? Then on top of that, why change the name to something you think is a clever play on words? Just move on brother. Even if you don’t mention how much you dislike the game, you will always be able to dislike it. No one can take that from you. Cheers!

Edit: here are the lowest user reviewed scores on console exclusives from Nintendo. I am sure there are other low scoring exclusives on Xbox and PS alike. So you are wrong in your assertion. Here is the link:

nirwanda23d ago

It's going for a realistic aesthetic, that's why they have Elon musk as an advisor

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Shiskebab8823d ago

Yea it looks really boring from the images

Marquinho23d ago

For a "boring" game, 2 rumored images have this article exploding even here in N4G.

Microsoft's move was EPIC.

itsmebryan23d ago

Not going for boring. Just not going to playstation so, you don't have to worry about it.

Nintentional23d ago

🧂 you only say that because Microsoft acquired Bethesda lol

Marquinho22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

The guys calling you out aren't even Xbox fans. Probably just Bethesda's.

Just get an Xbox or subscribe to Game Pass. Get over it.

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Sciurus_vulgaris24d ago

Starfield, looks like it will have lo-science fiction aesthetic, assuming the presented images are genuine.

anonymousfan23d ago

I can't bring myself to care for anything Bethesda is making theses days because all I want is a new The Elder Scrolls game and after Fallout 76 I am really scared they will mess it up...

conanlifts23d ago

Fallout 5 would be very welcome for me, but my biggest hope would be evil within 3. I really enjoyed the first 2. A prey sequel would also be welcome.

Gamble2023d ago

Did you assume otherwise? The game is called Starfield. Pretty clear the aesthetic.

Sciurus_vulgaris23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

There are different science fiction aesthetics, depending on how grounded in reality a science fiction universe is:
Retro Futuristic - The Outer Worlds
Steampunk- Bioshock
Retro Futuristic/Nuke punk - Fallout
Lo-Science Fiction - Aliens Isolation
Industrial- Killzone , Gears of War
Cyberpunk- Perfect Dark, Cyberpunk 2077

Palitera23d ago

^ Any source to read on that?

Profchaos23d ago

Massive prey vibes from what I saw in those screenshots

Sciurus_vulgaris23d ago

It does remind me of Prey (2017). Despite its dated visuals and some technical and gameplay shortcomings. I generally liked Prey(2017)’s gameplay. I was also fond of its art style.

potatoseal24d ago

Hope it's good. Will play on PS5, only if it's good though

Jericho133723d ago

Yep that’s the general logic behind buying games.

23d ago
Timzster23d ago

Hoping it's good as well.

ArthriticPowers23d ago

Whether this is good who knows, but this won't be coming to ps5 and you can quote me on that!

NEXUS-623d ago

Arthritic - going to take more than gamepass subs to get $7.5 BN back. Starfield will be on every platform, quote me on that.

23d ago
Wrex36923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

@Nexus if Sony had made this acquisition they would need an IMMEDIATE ROI because of how low their COH is. Microsoft doesn't need immediate return. Obviously.

Edit: and if you needed these studios just for Gamepass you could have signed a million dollars deal. 7.5 billion is for control. And to make it not available to Sony. End of story.

ArthriticPowers23d ago

NEXUS-6 How many games do you think the average gamer buys a generation. Ill give you a hint, its alot less than you buy and alot buy none after there initial console purchase. So, so many of those inactive gamers who under a traditional business model wouldn't spend a dime let there sub roll on just for the convenience to play or because they simply forget to cancel. For gamers who inhabit N4G game pass is a steal...... for casuals its money for jam for Microsoft. There is money to be made here that superseded the $60......I mean $70 business model. But we shall see i guess.

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Tedakin23d ago

Nexus-6 - Gamepass just broke 15 million subscribers. 5 million have signed up in just the last 3 months. If they get to 30 million subscriptions, which they will easily, that's 5.4 billion dollars a year just on Gamepass. Imagine if they get to 50....They'll make that money back easily. MS is a trillion dollar company.

NEXUS-623d ago

Tedakin - where they for $1? Or any other special offer? Thats what I keep hearing.

And I think it was Aaron who said not long ago that gamepass wasn't too profitable.

And then there's the little thing of upkeep - all those games aren't there for free.

And let's be honest no one is signing for bleeding edge, battletoads, ceackdown 3 or fallout76.

And yes ms is trillion dollar company - but xbox is not, and may I say by a long shot.

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DerfDerf23d ago

You hoping Xcloud comes to PS5? Because that's the only way you are gonna see it.

ziggurcat22d ago

It probably won't be on PS5. MS will make sure of that.

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green24d ago

I hope this is good because a new space 3rd person rpg would be very much welcome since Bioware no longer have a clue what to do with the Mass Effect IP.

excaliburps23d ago

Well, if the ME Trilogy works, we can maybe see a new entry, no?

green23d ago

Possible. But I am losing faith in Bioware.

osamaq23d ago

graphics look like a ps3 game ...looool

green23d ago

Whatever helps you sleep better at night lol

osamaq23d ago

@green ok , does it look like a ps5 game smart A** ?!

RaidenBlack23d ago

If its actually real and even though is from an early build ...
I kinda like the design aesthetic and left UI gauge cluster. (Yes, the space structure has some low textures at the lower part).
Will it be same hybrid 1st person/3rd person?
So will it be kind of like the game's central hub is the spaceship and the player selects which planet to go to and complete the quests and board/interact with other/larger spaceships?
Might come out before Squadron 42.

Tedakin23d ago

It's not said in the article, but apparently these pics are 2 years old.