EA Almost Purchased Bethesda Parent Company at One Point

Electronic Arts almost purchased Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media at one point, according to Bloomberg.

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RazzerRedux25d ago

No doubt I'm glad MS got Zenimax instead of EA.

RightFootGames25d ago

I'm not at least they would still be multiplatform.

RazzerRedux25d ago

I'm not certain that won't continue to be multiplatform. EA would ruin them though. I'd rather have good games from Bethesda on PC than crap games on PS.

RightFootGames25d ago

They won't continue to be multiplatform, you're kidding yourself, Microsoft isn't paying 2-3x the value of Bethesda to help Sony and Nintendo and anyone else Bethesda would have made games for. Microsoft wants to control gaming like they do Windows.

rockwhynot24d ago

You don't know that all games will be exclusive to Xbox. MS may want to make more money off of some games and allow them to be multiplatform.

Monster_Tard24d ago

"Microsoft isn't paying 2-3x the value of Bethesda to help Sony and Nintendo"

As if they aren't doing that already with Minecraft and various other games on the Switch?

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jukins25d ago

What studio has microsoft had thats turned into a world class developer though? Rare?. Ensemble? Bungie wanted to leave, lionhead? Could go on and on.

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Games1st25d ago

Yikes, chairman wanted to sell out.

jukins25d ago

Yea there was a ton of turmoil. One of the execs resigned due to sexual harassment or assualt allegations. All the board members were financially invested but could care less about the actual company as long as they made money. Bunch of celebrities and athletes like cal ripken Jr. But they got over 2x their worth so I'm sure they're all happy

enkiduxiv24d ago

Although I complain about Microsoft on here a lot, EA would have been a hundred times worse. I strongly suspect Microsoft will continue to monetize Bethesda titles, but hopefully they won’t be as lazy and entitled as EA when they do it. The last thing we need is an annual release of multiplayer Fallout with minor reskins.

C-H-E-F24d ago

Alot of ya'll keep talking about "exclusivity", Microsoft stands to gain much more money leaving the games as multiplatform. Sure they may snatch some of the top tier games as exclusives or have them come out on their system first, but lets face it the Xbox doesn't sell well when compared to the other two systems. Microsoft is in this for the money so they will move accordingly. I don't expect games like Skyrim to be a console exclusive, sure a timed exclusive. Minecraft is a perfect example as to what they will be willing to do with companies they acquire that make third party games on both platforms.

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Fist4achin24d ago

Agreed. I think they will have some games exclusive, but since MS owns the studio, sales on other consoles is still money in their pocket.