Metal Gear Solid Doesn't Need a Remake - It Needs a Twin Snakes Re-Release

Everyone is talking about Metal Gear Solid remake for PS5 and PC, but where's Twin Snakes, the GameCube remake that improved so much of the original.

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mrsolidsteel2066d ago

Boy oh boy, I love twin snakes. It was everything I wanted in a remake.

Sonic-and-Crash66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Twin Snakes was awful in comparison to the original .... was like a chinese copy of Metal gear for kids

the article is a blasphemy to the original legendary Kojima -made game

morganfell66d ago

Considering Kojima’s heavy involvement with the game I would say he is okay with it...and so am I..

TakeTori65d ago

Kojima made Twin Snakes. Every change implemented in that game is also part of Kojima's vision, just FYI. Not saying it's good, but it's his vision nonetheless.

Sunny_D65d ago

Lol Kojima made that game. He was the designer and producer of the game.

LightofDarkness65d ago

As echoed above, it's not only factual but quite clear that Kojima directed it. Every following game in the series has the same "for kids" action and tone. It's what he wanted to begin with, but was reined in by hardware limitations. It's not fine art, it's schlocky Tom Clancy with a dash of X-Files conspiracy beats, by way of John Woo (and we love it). Take off the rose tinted glasses for a minute.

Greatball198765d ago

Wrong, MGS:TS improved upon every aspect of the original. Nothing about it was any more "kiddy" than what we saw in future MGS games, most notably MGS3, which was plain cartoonish.

Sonic-and-Crash65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@ all the above ...Twin Snakes is not made by Kojima end of story ...get your facts straight ...has only his production approval was made by the request of Nintendo to Konami to remake the game for gamecube and was given to different director and development team !! ....

ProjectVulcan65d ago

George Lucas also trashed multiple Star Wars re-releases. It's a matter of opinion but I would say the majority of people that know those movies prefer the originals that weren't fiddled with.

So saying Kojima greenlit all the cut scenes means he might have liked the changes but it doesn't mean his later work on the game was any better than the earlier work.

I thought the Twin Snakes was a great remake, still own it, but I much prefer the tone of the original PlayStation game. That is the one that should be remastered and as faithfully as possible.

Kados65d ago

Just looked at the case back, it specifies that the remake was directed by Hideo Kojima. As for being "for kids", TS was far more violent and gory than the original. The hallway scene with Grey Fox was one of the most brutal scenes in video game history.

I keep hearing people rag on the game but in all these years since its release, have yet to see one person actually explain why it is worse than the original. Always just "it sucks" "its an insult to the original" etc, with no facts to support it. Seems like just butthurt from Sony Fanboys, over it being GC exclusive.

Ratty65d ago

"Considering Kojima’s heavy involvement with the game"

He was barely involved with it. It was co-developed by Silicon Knights and directed by someone else. Kojima was busy working on MGS3 at the time and didn't want to get too involved with side projects so he was only supervising it from afar.

But you do have a point that he's okay with it. As I said, he did supervise it so he had to give the ridiculous cutscenes a greenlight at some point. Hell maybe he blocked a couple ideas that were even more ridiculous than what we got and (fortunately) never saw the light of day.

MWH65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I didn't like the Hollywood/Bollywood bs action scenes they added in comparison to the more down to earth original.

I'm not saying it's a bad game in its own but I doubt anything will ever top the original MGS.

TallDarknWavy64d ago

Twin Snakes took an amazing story about a soldier and turned it into a ridiculous Japanese Anime about a superman who can jump 30 feet into the air, kick a missile with his foot to reroute it back to the Hind D.
This was the most childish, ridiculous, Japanese Anime thing I've ever seen. Completely ruined the original which was mysterious and grounded in reality with subtle supernatural power like a psychic with telekinesis and a man who can withstand super cold temperatures. They turned it into a parody of itself. Asian commercials all look that ridiculous and it completely jumped the shark of stupidity.

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Gamerking8265d ago

Twin snakes is amazing , still play it now and again . I bought a GameCube for 3 games only this , Resi Remake and Eternal Darkness.

Oywee65d ago

..ANY remaster/remake of the 1998 Metal Gear Solid game, I`m gonna be all over it!

RaidenBlack65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Yea ... I would ask for a proper Remake and in Fox Engine, please (Konami might replace it with UE).
But can Bluepoint make it? Their Remakes are really good but this requires a RE2 Remake approach.

Z50165d ago

The first person camera broke Twin Snakes.

Greatball198765d ago

Play with no radar on the hardest mode without being caught or killing anyone. Good luck with how "easy" that is.

Z50165d ago

You're talking difficulty setting. I'm talking specifically about a gameplay mechanic. There's a difference.

Vanfernal65d ago

Yup... MGS2 gameplay did not work in MGS1. You could just enter an area, go to fps and hit every guard with a trank and just waltz completely unopposed.

Z50165d ago

It breaks the whole Gray Fox office fight.

MetroidFREAK2165d ago

Nah, I'd rather have a full blown remake. The GC version is fun, but some aspects broke the game. (First person aiming)

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