Dishonored 2 Is No Longer Leaving Xbox Game Pass After Bethesda Acquisition

Dishonored 2 is no longer being listed as a game that will leave Xbox Game Pass after the news of Microsoft acquiring ZeniMax Studio.

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FallenAngel1984985d ago

Ain’t that something

I loved Dishonored 2

TheOptimist985d ago

Dishonored 2 is Game of the Decade material.

Jindosh'smansion is easily the best level in the last decade. Never have I ever seen a level and went "Holy fuck.... The designers behind this must be absolute madmen"

neutralgamer1992985d ago

I have it but haven't played it is it big improvement over the first?

dadavis1992985d ago

@neutralgamer1992 IMO yes. The overall story isn’t the most interesting, but the gameplay and level design is a huge step up from the first game in my opinion.

2ndhandcorn985d ago

Never tried it as i found the first game terrible , will give it a go.

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DaleCooper985d ago

Good, now everybody go play it!

SpadeX984d ago

Easily the best franchise Bethesda had.

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