Mafia: Definitive Edition review - a generous remake that still shows some age - Eurogamer

From Eurogamer: "The wider result, then, is one of wasted opportunity, a cardinal sin in '30s USA - the land of it, lest we forget. There are good moments in Mafia: Definitive Edition, some good times and some fond memories - I stand by my love of the radio, the rain patter, the cars, when you're not driving them - but the rest is at best nostalgia, which only goes so far."

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SyntheticForm983d ago

Though the game is pretty, I've just never really liked Hangar 13 as a developer. I think their projects have potential but they're very averagely executed.

Their games don't feel good to play.

porkChop983d ago

Why are you using plurals as if they've released multiple projects that you don't like? Mafia III was their first game, this is their second.

SyntheticForm983d ago

This is their second and having played Mafia 3 and observed this, I've reached my conclusion.

AcidDvl983d ago

Their shooting mechanics are really, really weak.

osamaq983d ago

still better than rockstars when you just press x in their games and enemies die..loool

AcidDvl982d ago


Disable auto-aim then

BrettAwesome983d ago

I can't wait for this! I remember the first screenshots, way back in 2001 or so. I loved it on PC. I hope the ps4pro version is solid

EazyC983d ago

I think a game like this SHOULD show age, it is a completely different vibe from what direction open world videogames took.

chicken_in_the_corn983d ago

Looking forward to getting into this. Even replaying the original in preparation. Shame my pre order hasn't arrived yet