Report: GTA V PS5 Upgrade to Be Free If You Own It on PS4 Says Retailer

It looks like those who own Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 will get a free GTA V PS5 upgrade according to a retailer.

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mrsolidsteel2037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

They kind of have too, seeing how every single game has a copy of the game...

Nitrowolf237d ago

yeah I agree, crazy the game still sells that good but having to be one three whole generations. I can still see it selling really well on next-gen tbh.

me hoping those loading screens are a thing of the past with the PS5 version.

ClayRules201237d ago

Yeah it’s crazy how well this game still sells. I don’t doubt it’ll sell well on next gen too for those who don’t own it. I keep think to myself “who hasn’t played or owned this game by now?” But I know there are people out there that haven’t.

And yeah, those loading screens are just miserable.

GameZenith37d ago

McDonald's burgers sells a lot to. Goes to show America's obsession with fast food and not healthy eating.

Point is, GTA5 selling a lot is more so about blind consumerism

anast37d ago

I haven't played it yet lol

roadkillers37d ago

If I were Rockstar, I wouldn't. Very good of them. Although most of their income might be onlibe instead


Well yeah, that's how it should be.

excaliburps37d ago

Yeah, but unfortunately, that's not the case. NBA 2K21, Control, Black Ops Cold War are but just a few of not offering free upgrades.:(

solidsnake22237d ago

And Spider-Man. I was really hoping for that one.

MrBeatdown37d ago

Cold War is $70 for PS4 and PS5. Not really a big deal considering a lot of games will be $70 anyway.

mrsolidsteel2037d ago


The question that comes into play right now, is what is the difference between an upgraded patch vs a remastered game?

They are some developers saying that their game is receiving an upgraded patch (free of charge) to have 4K, 60fps, RT, etc.

While others, like Sony, is charging players again for the same features, at least when it comes to Spider-Man.

It sucks, because we have to see the game in action to see if this decision is warranted.


From what I gather, Spiderman PS5 will have completely new assets for character models and environmental objects. IMO that would make an "upgrade" worth the money.

DragonWarrior1937d ago

Breaking news: About something they told us at the first PS5 was literally the first announcement!

Nitrowolf237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

that was GTA online being free for PS Plus subscribers on PS5, they have yet to specify the details for GTA 5 other than its coming to the platform

jukins37d ago

Lol don't know why you got down voted. And even more its only free for 3 months.
I dont know id be surprised if its really a free upgrade.

DragonWarrior1937d ago

The announcement was for GTAV, GTA Online is attached to GTAV.

Muzikguy37d ago

This whole GTAV thing makes me mad. Because of how it's been milked it pretty much guarantees the same will happen with 6. I'm worried about the next game, and even though this is free, I doubt I'll be getting it. I bought it on PS3 and that was enough. Bought it ON PS4 for the upgrade and first person but it wasn't enough to keep me going a second time

MrBeatdown37d ago

I feel like asking gamers to pay for a third version might have been a tough sell.

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