DOOM Confirmed For Xbox Game Pass In a Hidden Tease

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account had hidden the name of the next major game, DOOM, in a tweet that was cracked by a fan rather quickly.

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phoenixwing31d ago

gave you a like for not getting high, too many people on drugs that can make them psychotic these days

Risky_2431d ago

Have a great day!

Christopher31d ago

DOOM was already on GamePass earlier this year... This isn't anything new.

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Ghostbob31d ago

played/completed/moved on/next!

31d ago
Sirk7x31d ago

Okay, cool. What about the people that haven't?

Father__Merrin31d ago

Played this years ago anyone who's not played now can do so. Will Bethesda games remain on gamepass or revolve out

lindquist31d ago

Doom has already been on gamepass. I guess this is Doom Eternal, which came out this year (march).

Tedakin31d ago

First party Xbox games don't leave gamepass. So I assume all of Bethesda's games will be on there forever. Expect all the Dooms, Wolfensteins, Fallouts, Preys and Elders Scrolls.

phoenixwing31d ago

dooms, wolfensteins, and fallout 4 will be nice to play. already have elder scrolls games

Father__Merrin31d ago

If first party games don't leave gamepass how does it make money at retail for eg let's say gears of War 6 for eg

31d ago
Sirk7x31d ago

Microsoft owns them now, so I'm guessing they will stay on Gamepass for good.

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Tedakin31d ago

First party Xbox game Doom Eternal still sounds weird to say....

Bronxs1531d ago

Because it isn’t a first party game. It’s on PlayStation. But the next game that awesome studio makes will be a Xbox exclusive and it won’t feel weird.

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