The Division 2 The Summit Gameplay Single-Player

Ubisoft launched The Division 2 season 3 today, and with it a new mode of play called The Summit. In this new skyscraper themed mode, players move up floors taking out targets, helping hostages and destroying servers, to name but a few actions. The idea is to reach the top of the building 100th floor.

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Xristo38d ago

Bought this game at release and put it down pretty fast. I went back a month ago and having a blast running up the World Tiers and getting ready for New York.

REDGUM37d ago

Yes, it had that effect on me too. Brought it day one, played it for an hour 2, put it down and never really touched it for 6 months to a year.

Picked it up again 2 weeks ago and I'm having a blast.
I guess I never gave it a real chance at the beginning or just got side tracked but really enjoying what I'm playing so far.