Hot Wheels Comes To Wargaming and World of Tanks Console

Interesting pairing here. second in the series of exciting partnerships will allow players to experience Hot Wheels features with or without Season Pass. In partnership with Hot Wheels, Wargaming and World of Tanks Console is proud to announce Season 2 – World of Tanks: Hot Wheels.

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waverider27d ago

this is just wrong. What the hell are this things on World of tanks. Do they need so much the money. What a piece of crap of idea. Even Worse then the Wrestling. Wasting time with this... They should be doing more countries tanks, more lines, cut down the number of arties on the game for just ONE. Fixing the rng, making better maps, Matchmaking 1+ and -1. Whats next World of tanks Cars (pixar) edition? or world of tanks Fast & Furious ....

Garethvk27d ago

They did Transformers earlier. They are clearly trying to branch out and bring in fans of other genres.

waverider27d ago

Transformers? Never saw that. Even so, they are risking losing the gamers they have. Nobody of my friends like the wrestling stuff. Now this....

Garethvk26d ago

I goofed as Transformers was for World of Warships.

Rangerman120826d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I honestly wish we could get a toy-based vehicular combat racing game about Hot Wheels at this.

Giblet_Head26d ago

We did at one point. It was called Planet Hot Wheels.

Garethvk26d ago

That is true. I wonder why we have not seen more.