The Biggest Video Game Super Bowl Commercials Ever

From Xfire: "This year's Super Bowl, otherwise known as Super Bowl LV, will be quite unique, including the commercials and ads that most people will surely tune in for.

Of course, many people will be watching it for the game. After all, it will serve as the climax for what has been a pandemic-struck NFL season that has now finally culminated in Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs attempting to mount a successful repeat against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With that said, because of how millions of people will surely tune in to Super Bowl LV for the ads alone, we've decided to pay close attention to the commercials."

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masterfox660d ago

it doesn't feel like there is a Superbowl today.

anast659d ago

Too add some salt to the party. The Super bowl commercials really made me think how useless entertainers are. They all flooded commercials because they have nothing else to offer, other than sucking obscene amounts of money from people and then combined with that "job finding" commercial it was like they were making fun of everyone. And I am jealous of Brady, F' him.

Deathdeliverer659d ago

Man that god of war ascension super bowl trailer took me back. I remember first seeing that and being blown away. Still got the chills today after seeing it again. Damn that’s a awesome commercial for anyone that had played it up to that point and knew the story. Even if you DIDNT know the story you could gather enough info from the commercial that it still hit.
Top notch.

Epicor658d ago

Not a fan of mobile games but dammit, that Clash of Clans commercial is one of the best ones out there!

TheEnigma313658d ago

Dante's Inferno was a good SB commercial.