It's Time for a Metal Gear Solid Collection

Metal Gear Solid is one of gaming's most iconic series, but it's hard to access on modern systems and more than deserves a rerelease.

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xHeavYx31d ago

Imagine a MGS collection done by BluePoint games where they take old games and they do something like what they're doing with Demons Souls?

Pughski31d ago

They also did an amazing job with Shadow of Collosus

NEXUS-631d ago

Bluepoint, Koji Productions w/DECIMA, GG all would be suitable candidates.

indysurfn30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Wait Hold on Sony!
First Devil may Cry 5 is digital only, at launch. Now metal gear?
Please don't, Microsoft will turn the tables on you.
They will get on stage and say this is how you share a game.

Plus you may piss customers off.

darthv7231d ago

There already is one. I have it on PS3.

iNcRiMiNaTi31d ago

Yeah that's the first thing that popped in my head when I read the title. There was already a legacy collection

solidsnake22231d ago

Yeah, but that’s the problem. You have it on PS3. We don’t want to play the series on a console that is 6 years outdated at this point. Here’s to hoping for a PS5 re-release.

bangoskank31d ago

It's time for Konami to get their shit together and start making good games again.

Unknown_Gamer579431d ago

Indeed. At this point I would settle for them just making games again.

Chocoburger31d ago

No, trust me, don't settle. Look at reviews for the new Contra game. Yeesh!

Storm2331d ago

I would happily pay for a collection of these games. And I mean HAPPILY. I miss these game so much. Wish they were easy to play on PS5...all in one spot...all in one collection. I have a friend that has never played them. Would be a blast to run through them together.

Gaming4Life198131d ago

All i want is the remastered gamecube version of metal gear solid. If they make a collection please add that or just remake metal gear solid.

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The story is too old to be commented.