Bright Memory Announced for Xbox Series X

Today, during the Playism Game Show the publisher announced that Bright Memory will be released for Xbox Series X.

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SickSinceSix37d ago

Didn't they announce this months ago, as well as showing it in two different Xbox showcases already?

Abriael37d ago

That was Bright Memory Infinite. This is the original Bright Memory.

Julion071537d ago

Thanks for the clarification I was confused as well

37d ago
RaidenBlack37d ago

What's the difference? Other than the graphics?

badz14937d ago

bright memory?? more like seizure inducer!

njitram200037d ago

Wtf! 5 seconds of this made me motion sick!

icerob37d ago

more options on xbox is great, but that is a title I will skip.

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