Fallout: New Vegas 2 needs to happen after Microsoft's Bethesda acquisition

Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda Softworks' parent company Zenimax (and its ownership of Obsidian Entertainment) means that Fallout: New Vegas 2 can finally be created.

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averagejoe2631d ago

None of the same employees even work there anymore.

-Foxtrot31d ago

Fallout: London please

I know they said they'd never leave the US but I really think the spin off games should explore the places you wouldn't expect

They could create so many rival British companies to the US ones, including Vault Tech, that it would feel so refreshing. For example the people who do the locks / terminals might have a different way of lockpicking / hacking them compared to the US ones.

Harryvok31d ago

I've played The Outer Worlds. That game has no heart. It's obvious it is completely different people working there now compared to back in the New Vegas days.

Kip_Smithers31d ago

Top-down like FO 1 & 2. First-person was a garbage Bethesda decision. Bring back proper FO.