Interplay and Fallout are technically reunited under one roof

Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax reunited Fallout IP and some of the brains behind it, who used to work at Interplay back in the late '90s, opening a treasure trove of fan hopes and possibilities.

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ColdSin270d ago

Yup, this is the most exciting thing about all of this. New Vegas 2 please!!

N3mzor269d ago

Was hoping for an isometric turn-based Fallout but would definitely love another entry from Obsidian in first/third person.

sourOG268d ago

Yeah that’s pretty neat. I’m hyped to see if MS utilizes it’s new first party like Sony does. All of the studios sharing technology and expertise, etc. It could be a really good thing. Or it could be a disaster like EA where the studios turn to shit. I’d bet on the former.

TheColbertinator268d ago

Fallout Van Buren time. Brian Fargo, Howard and Urquhart can at least give us the Fallout game we deserved to bury the memories of F76