Killzone 2 to support native 1080i resolution

Seb Downey has confirmed that Killzone 2 natively supports 1080i. Here is the quote:

"I got a message from one of our code gurus today about me talking about the 720p stuff I was spewing incorrectly and told me that we now support 1080i natively too. Glad they got that in too. Now rejoice!

Seb Downie - QA Manager - Guerrilla Games"

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TheExecutive5678d ago (Edited 5678d ago )

The coders at GG are magicians, no doubt in my mind. After reading beta impressions and leaked impressions of the SP campaign I am officially stoked for this game.

*hugs PS3*

EDIT: Yeah I would also expect this to be native at 1080p soon enough.

hay5678d ago

Wow, that's incredible. I hope it won't melt my brain.

Cwalat5678d ago

1080i native, hmm, should i go play on my Plasma or LCD?

i mean the plasma outputs a 1080i signal and if it's pure 1080i signal then it's gorgeous. And on my Sony 1080p LCD, it doesn't output 1080i signals very well... if it's upscaled to 1080p then i would surely play it on the sony LCD...

Does anyone know if the game will be upscaled to 1080p for the FULL-HD owners?

IzKyD13315678d ago

I finally win!
I had the displeasure of buying a 1080i LCD instead of 1080p and it's paying off for a change lol

I_am_rushin5677d ago

I don't think the game is native 1080i. It was said a long time ago that it's 720p @ 30fps. If they have boosted it to 1080i, then that's great, but @ 30fps it would only give them 15 full fps, which I doubt they would do.

Fishy Fingers5677d ago

What? So Seb confirms 1080i support and you doubt it's authenticity because a long time ago Seb said 720p @ 30 fps?

That makes zero sense to me bro.

na2ru15677d ago

I recall Warhawk having max resoltion of 1080i on the back of my case. If true/i remembered correctly, how comes it's not got 1080p written on the back of my case?

My TV is 720p/1080i LCD. I custom set PS3 to 720p max. This leads to games running at a smoother framerate than 1080i (if available).

I_am_rushin5677d ago

Don't get me wrong Fishy. I would love for the game to be native 1080i, it would look great on my 1080p tv. I just don't see how in a few months they could go from 720p @ 30fps to 1080i @ 60fps. Once again I hope they did. But I think it just means they are upscaling or something.

pixelsword5677d ago

I didn't see him state that.

FantasyStar5677d ago

It's not going to be native 1080p. The most we can expect from this is native 1080i support, but still upscaling to 1080p. Don't get your hopes up. Of course, this does not affect me whatsoever as I got a 720p stand that accepts 1080i/p signals either way.

I_am_rushin5677d ago

Because genius. Anything lower and it will look horrible during gameplay. If they only go 40fps it will give you 20 full frames and 20 half frames.

Now that's it's been sorted out though. It will most likely be 1280x720 or 960x1080.

ambientFLIER5677d ago

FantasyStar: Running the game in 1080i is pointless on a 720p-max tv, because the tv downscales the image to its native res. In fact, it adds more image processing, which isn't good.

Ju5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

My best guess is 1920x540 (half field) 30fps, which is still above 1280x720 (1MPixel vs. 921Kpixels in 720p).

Edit: Oh, I see, he said, 1080 lines, but lesser vertical res. So what other people said it could be like 960x1080 using the HW scaler to stretch the 960 to 1920 (2x linear multiplier?).

In my opinion, it still looks good scaled back down 768p, because that is what my LCD does, and is still higher then 720p. But I can't really tell. I can feed everything up to 1080p into my TV, but the physical res is 1366x768.

I just hope they allow you to lock to 1080 even if you have 720p on (like MGS4).

kwicksandz5677d ago

The game is in 720p. They are just saying that they support 1080i because many, many PS3 games do not support this resolution due to the ps3's lack of a internal scaler.

Basically those who have 1080i Tv's get screwed in most games eg LBP, burnout paradise and are forced to play in 480i instead of high def. This is made all the worse by the face that the competition (360) can scale all its games to any supported resolution. SOny should have mandated 1080i support when they made trophys mandatory.

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Statix5678d ago

This is great news for those with slightly older-generation 1080i HDTVs. Now everyone will be able to enjoy this game when it comes out in a couple months.

TheExecutive5678d ago

We knew it would be upscaled to 1080i a long long time ago. However, Seb stated that it would be native resolution. There is a major difference. It could be a slip of the tongue but who knows, take it for what you will.

Statix5678d ago (Edited 5678d ago )

Actually most PS3 games released today do NOT support upscaling to 1080i. Recent 1st-party games such as Pacific Rift and LBP have raised the ire of some disappointed PS3 owners who were hoping for 1080i support in those games, so that they could play them (in HD). Unfortunately, Sony dropped the ball with those two titles, and some are relegated to playing them in SD (or not play them at all).

That "natively" descriptor was a mistake or misunderstanding on the part of Seb Downey. If Killzone 2 were truly "native 1080i" then that would mean the game runs at a back buffer resolution of 1920x1080 (the same rendering resolution as 1080p). Which just isn't possible, unless Guerilla shocks everyone by suddenly and miraculously supporting native 1920x1080 rendering with those kinds of bleeding-edge visuals.

You see, native 1080i rendering would require the same number of pixels rendered and rendering performance horsepower as native 1080p--both would require the game to run at 1920x1080. What differentiates 1080i from 1080p, is that 1080i is interlaced. To prepare the signal for 1080i output, the game would then utilize the PS3's on-board video processor to interlace the signal (hence the "i" part), which results in a 1080i output signal. The ONLY difference between 1080p and 1080i is that 1080i's horizontal lines are interlaced (the lines are displayed in a continuously alternating fashion at the rate of 60hz).

TheExecutive5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

I never said it was a given but upscaling to 1080i was confirmed months ago for KZ2. So, if it is just upscaled it would make Seb's comments yesterday very very odd in the fact that he would be confirming what he already confirmed long ago. Seb's statement just doesnt sound like a re-confirmation but more like an announcement.

I know what resolution 1080i is, but thanks for the refresher.

KZ2 is serving crow on a massive scale. We will see if the "1080i isnt possible with these graphics" crowd becomes part of the party.

EDIT: Yeah I Know thats why I said it may be a slip of the tongue.

Statix5677d ago

Believe me, I would absolutely love to see KZ2 natively run at a resolution of 1920x1080 as well. But just be aware that if KZ2 can run natively at 1080i, it can also logically and technically run natively at 1080p as well.

If everything that has been said is indeed true, then this would mean that this announcement is a confirmation that KZ2 runs at native 1080p!

Montrealien5677d ago

Satix wins this comments section.

+bubbles to you good sir.

As for the (news) at and, I would also love to see this game in 1080i/1080p Native, that would be incredible.

TheExecutive5677d ago

ok, so to close out this section it appears that it has a higher resolution than 720p but lower than 1920x1080. Check out the update in the news story.

Ju5677d ago

Quote: "...but displays 1080 lines. [...] it's slightly heavier than 720p (but not as heavy as full 1080p)".

So, something like 960x1080 or so which lets pixels be scaled vertically only without much distortion.

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Why o why5678d ago (Edited 5678d ago )

nice von....gorilla izt ze best