Xbox 360 Jasper revision spotted in the wild

Holding out on an Xbox 360 purchase in hope of a Jasper-revised console? Find one manufactured after October 23rd and you may be in luck.

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Parm4705d ago

Do let us know if anybody in the UK spots a console manufactured on or after October 23rd.

truehunter4705d ago

Lucky ?? why didnt they just pull back the old model.

cherrypie4705d ago

Because the heat issues were fixed by a manufacturing change last summer.

You guys need to get with the times. your FUD is old and stale.

Software_Lover4705d ago

He's been waiting for this to get one.

Ogrekiller4705d ago

The source is a forum post on pending, so go approve it and squash the idiots whining how its inappropriate for this place.

Traveler4705d ago

Nice to see this confirmed. I have a friend who is about to buy a 360 and he wants to get the Jasper chipset if possible. The Jasper is pure 65nm if I'm not mistaken and will be cooler and quieter than previous iterations. You're right, though, cherrypie, none of the people I know who have purchased a 360 since last summer has had a problem with their 360s.

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