Crysis Remastered PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Crysis Remastered is a game we've been looking forward to. So, it's time now to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform."

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Espangerish68d ago

I miss the Crytek of old when their games were a whole generation ahead of the competition and the can it run crysis meme really meant something.

This remaster tells the story of how far they have fallen as games developers.

lonewolf1068d ago

I'm in 2 minds about that, they are pushing software RT with this remaster, maybe that is not helping?

68d ago
Tyre68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

PC Elitism is hunting this game more than the actual quality. On Console it is a fantastic high quality game that deserves good sales and a recognition for what it is:One of the best FPS game ever made and worthy of a console crowd.
It is mindboggeling how such a good game is stalked by Toxic spoiled PC elitists. Don't you understand that this game never gets a fair chance on consoles if you keep blowing up nonsense about framerates etc. This game is one hell of a deal on consoles compared to all the other games. It is still hell of fun and unique in its gameplay, and on PS4 it is beautiful to see and to play. The Story is also exciting and fun. Thanks Crytek for bringing this game to PS4 & XBox. My complements in hindsight to the technical marvel that is the XBox360 version of Crysis running flawless with only 512mb ram, I love this game and the whole series deserve to be remastered to this gen and beyond. Console gamers ignore these PC elitists and buy the game on console, you won't regret it.

Hungryalpaca68d ago

This is the cringiest thing I’ve read all day.

Are you not aware the remaster is missing gameplay features that were in the original such as leaning?

Crysis 2 and 3 were terrible games compared to the first one. They became streamlined average corridor shooters with extremely generic design.

Tyre68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You know what's missing feature in Crysis 1/2/3 your unbiased fresh open excited mind of 2007, you folks have let your brain become biased and soar. There are tonnes of feature you don't talk about for example in Crysis 2 you had peeking over a wall feature and checking around the corner, the open sandbox terrains inside the city were unique and tons of fun the zillion ways gamers could appraoch the enemies and toy with them. The vibes of Crysis are exciting and the story is an interesting SciFi script better than most Sci-Fi movies. I Also love the rich music by Hans Zimmer in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 has an equally great score. The futuristic settings of NY after an apocalypse were thrilling and a joy to traverse, reminds me of The Last of Us 2 level design. Overal brilliant especially the dam level: 1st fight in the shadow of the dam and finally ascend the dam and fight on the dam(the different sandboxes combined were brilliant and have a beautiful atmosphere). The scope of everything (especially seeing it running on XBox and PS3 incredible for it's day) The Water usage in level design inside post apocalyptic cities is comparable with The last of Us 2 which seems to be inspired by Crysis 3 overal. So many game developers have been inspired by Crysis (Weapon customization, handeling, esthetics, open worlds running with this fidelity in real-time was revolutionary in 2007, under water swimming, super powers etc etc. Crysis was and is a legend and deserves it;s rightful place in history as a pionering revolutionary series which influence a lot af game developers (Including kojima who even visited the studio and used Crysis 3 tag sytem in MGSV). It's getting old seeing the same old same old group of elitist, haters on Crysis follow this game around. You don't own this game give other people an unbiased look on Crysis like you had in 2007 when it blew your mind.

Espangerish68d ago

We are commenting on the pc version of the game...what’s that got to do with the how good the Xbox 360 console version was back in the day?!

The problem that this game has is that they made a big marketing deal about the whole can it run crysis thing and deliberately spawned a load of media coverage of how this game tanks 3080s and 2080tis to run at 30fps if this would count in its favour.

Problem is if you make that sort of noise you need to back it up with a game that actually delivers visuals high enough to warrant tanking the best cards, which this doesn’t. That’s why people comment the way do.

For the record I love the crysis games, beat all 3 across pc and console.