Zotac's RTX 3080 Trinity performance is apparently gimped on purpose

Everyone is trying to get their hands on an RTX 3080 these days but it appears that the confusion could cover up some issues, such as manufacturers releasing models that intentionally perform worse than the Founders Edition.

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Fishy Fingers437d ago

AiB's always release multiple versions of the same card. Performing below the founders doesnt mean its 'gimped', rather it just not being pushed so Zotac can justify the inflated prices of their own factory OC models of the SAME card. This is not a new practice!

Stupid thing is, you just buy the base model (cheapest) and OC yourself to match their factory OC clocks and save yourself a good 10%

LordoftheCritics436d ago

Gotta be careful with OC'ing gimped cards. They are gimped due to underperforming cooling.

Tapani436d ago

Doesn't work like that. They have different quality Silicon, different chip and capacitator arrangements on the PCB. Plus the cooling solution materials and design vary, resulting into hotter and louder cards. So you have to be very careful what and from who you buy if you want to OC the card, keep it quiet, stable and cool. This is not too far from rocket science, every small change matters.

LordoftheCritics436d ago

Totally. I used to think they were all the same rebranded. Will never forget my 9600gt overheating constantly.
It was some unknown brand. Since then I've been doing my research.

Fishy Fingers436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Oh I understand the silicon lottery, but usually the factory OC cards are offering the lightest of OC's. I've never had an issue pushing a few hundred mhz. I'm talking about like for like models/brands selling OC'ed versions, not a budget brand stock VS top tier brand OC.

Personally, I really wanted a founders as I loved the look :(

Tapani436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

FE does look fantastic, doesn't it! Have you got a vertical mount and a glass door on your case?

I'm quite careful with the GPU purchases. I took a look at the RX 5700 XT reference model vs Nitro+ thermals and noise levels, and they were a full generation apart from each other. I think it was around 22 degrees and 15db less for the Nitro+. Once you apply new thermal paste and undervolt the card, OC both the memory and core, and then finally compare it to the stock 5700XT blower model, you are seeing performance gains of around 12% while staying cooler and more quiet.

Tuning GPUs is fun and important, so make sure you buy the right one!