8 Massive JRPGs We Can't Wait To Play

Here I was thinking of the five biggest RPGs that have been announced and are still on their way, and Sony go and drop Final Fantasy 16 on us this Wednesday gone. So this is now the eight biggest and best-looking RPGs that we can’t wait to play! Plus a couple bonuses.

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drizzom30d ago

Great list but I'm not in any rush to play Genshin Impact. I hear it's going to be gatcha hell game with pretty makeup on.

DarkZane30d ago

Granblue Fantasy Re:Link ... although I am starting to think this is just never coming out at this point. Also, I would have put Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Elda30d ago

I definitely looking forward to playing these 3 first... FFXVI,Granblue Fantasy:Relink & Persona 5 Scramble though I am interested in Scarlet Nexus & Tales Of Arise as well.

30d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.