Crysis Remastered can look gorgeous in 4K/"Can it Run Crysis?"

DSOGaming writes: "Crysis Remastered suffers from awful CPU optimization issues on PC. However, we can all agree that the game can look gorgeous in 4K when maxed out."

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RaidenBlack42d ago

"We can all agree that the game can look absolutely gorgeous in 4K when maxed out.
Crysis Remastered is a great looking game, there is no doubt about that. On Max Settings, there are minimal pop-ins, something that can please a lot of PC gamers.
However, the increased LOD level comes with a major CPU performance hit. Unfortunately, and since the game cannot take full advantage of multi-core CPUs, the increased LOD levels are not really usable on today’s hardware. Not only that, but this setting will not run well even on future CPUs. As we all know, future CPUs will focus on increasing their core numbers, and not on their frequency."