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Three of the greatest games ever made, in a brand new HD compilation

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phoenixwing35d ago

Except they're not really hd

phoenixwing35d ago

I have the switch lite so they all run in 720p not 1080

Positivelypositive 34d ago

My 6 yr old son loves playing Odyssey but I have him in assist mode. In these games he is like THEY ARE TO HARD! lol I just am beating them all while he watches but I know next week or month even he will be like. This isnt hard.

RosweeSon34d ago

Yeah it’s practice relatively easy? To me because I’ve played them all. 30 years of Mario doesn’t matter where they take him I can smash it haha. Galaxy took some getting used to but an hour or so later it’s just Mario built on planets and typical Nintendo I don’t think they’ve ever put out a Mario if it doesn’t handle perfectly. If you die it’s your fault 99% not because the game done you over haha. Practice makes perfect 😜✌🏻🤓