Final Fantasy IX Retrospective: What Made It So Special?

BY CLIFFORD REEDER: It is safe to say that we all have one thing from our childhood that means the world to us even many years, if not decades, later. Something with imperative emotional value that always holds a place in our hearts no matter how much time has gone by, and in this context, I’m sure many of us consider that special item to be a childhood video game. A video game that we could go to no matter what situation was troubling our lives. A video game that, regardless of where you were or what you were doing, you could pick it up and play it again and again; still enjoying the soundtrack, characters, and gameplay just as much as you had the first time around.

I was born in 1993 and my experience with gaming was varied. My grandfather owned an original NES and would help me play games like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., as well as allow me to watch him play his favorite game, Tetris. While experiencing these titles, both first and secondhand, helped ease me into a hobby that would eventually become a cornerstone in my life, it wasn’t until a few years later that I was introduced to a game that would shape me into who I am today. That game, released on July 7th, 2000 for the PlayStation, was Final Fantasy IX.

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Godmars29036d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It was Hironobu Sakaguchi's, the father of the franchise, as well as Squaresoft's swansong.

Name Last Name36d ago

The game had great setting, great characters, and great music from start to finish.

Sirk7x36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

For anyone interested, this is a great AI upscaling mod for the Steam version (also available in a lighter form on Switch, if you have a modded console and are familiar with layeredfs). It looks so nice:
I think I will always put FF9 at the top of the greatest Final Fantasy list.

GreenDragonCVR36d ago

This was the one for me too bud. I enjoyed mascott platformers etc but ffix was the first game I played that opened my eyes to what the medium is capable of. Still some of the best world-building and characters in rpg history. Great read and memories, cheers -mike at Green Dragon