Crysis Remastered Trophy and Achievement Guide

The original Crysis is back! Whether you played the original or not, this will be a very easy Platinum Trophy or 1000G to obtain.

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Tyre40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

PC Elitism is hunting this game more than the actual quality. On Console it is a fantastic high quality game that deserves good sales and a recognition for what it is:One of the best FPS game ever made and worthy of a console crowd.
It is mindboggeling how such a good game is stalked by Toxic spoiled PC elitist. Don't you understand that this game never gets a fair chance on consoles if you keep blowing up nonsense about framerates etc. This game is one hell of a deal on consoles compared to all the other games. It is still hell of fun and unique in its gameplay, and on PS4 it is beautiful to see and to play. The Story is also exciting and fun. Thanks Crytek for bringing this game to PS4 & XBox. My complements in hindsight to the technical marvel that is the XBox360 version of Crysis running flawless with only 512mb ram, I love this game and the whole series deserve to be remastered to this gen and beyond. Console gamers ignore these PC elitists and buy the game on console, you won't regret it. And for those who lie about this not being the original 2007 version, i have played all versions, have all the PC versions, this is the PC version with added features, they've only cut out the VTOL mission, but that wasn't supposed to be in the 2007 game in the 1st place, that level doesn't help the game and is forgettable. Good that they've left it out.