Final Fantasy XVI is a reinvention made in recognition of Final Fantasy XIV’s enduring success

It's fitting that Phoenix features so prominently in the Final Fantasy XVI gameplay, revealed as a surprise timed-exclusive for PS5. As a recurring summon, Phoenix rarely receives the same love and attention that is traditionally afforded to the likes of Bahamut, Shiva, Titan, and, of course, Ifrit. But here it is, locking horns with the famed fire-elemental above a sleepy medieval city – a conflict so formative to the twin realms, in which this game is sure to cross, that it finds itself burned into the shimmering logo itself.

Where Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai were once tasked with casting Flames of Rebirth on a fledgling Final Fantasy XIV – a realm literally reborn from the ashes of a failed launch – the producer and director are now tasked with engineering an even trickier transformation: bringing Final Fantasy into the next generation. Phoenix isn't merely a dominant Eikon to the warring factions that make up the world of Final Fantasy XVI, it is also recognition of the enduring success of Final Fantasy XIV and a reflection of its impact behind the scenes at Square Enix.

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ShinnokDrako42d ago

I cross my finger, i love the saga and i really like FFXIV (and i loved very much FFVIIR).
The question is: will the game be available in the next 10 years or...? :P
Still waiting for more news about the second episode of FFVIIR. :/

camel_toad42d ago

So is 16 an mmo or is it solo affair?

camel_toad42d ago


Ah thanks and glad to hear.

ShinnokDrako42d ago

Yes, like Crimson said is solo (unless thay add multi like they did in FFXV, but it's not a MMORPG).
Let's say that it's a proper "numbered" FF :D

gamer780442d ago

Not a fan of the realistic medieval setting honestly

enkiduxiv42d ago

Hair didn't do that before the invention aerosol hair spray. Also, human beings couldn't summon elemental monsters to do their bidding. It's not realistic or medieval. It's a Tolkien-esque fantasy probably meant to capitalize on the popularity of the darker themes of The Witcher and Game of Thrones that have been popular lately.

Final Fantasy used to do this all the time, so this is not all that new for them. They just haven't done anything without an element of sci-fi mixed in for a while.

gamer780442d ago

I can’t recall any modern ones that looked this way. Probably FF type 0 which I skipped but it want a main installment. Either Way just not a fan of this type of setting in FF games. Didn’t care for ff15 either. Last ones I truly liked setting wise was ff13 series

phoenixwing42d ago

Love medieval settings with magic involved.

Greatball198742d ago

Not sure why you're getting downvoted. I guess it's kiddos who don't know what made the series great originally or fanboys who will eat up anything Square excretes.

Gardenia42d ago

I don't like the graphics. It works fine for FF14 as an MMO, but for a next gen single player Final Fantasy I was expecting more. Even the FFVII remake look better than this.

-Foxtrot42d ago

Yeah it’s why I feel they’ll turn around and say it’s not an MMO, it’s an MMO-lite

Princess_Pilfer42d ago

Think about it.
They called in the guy who did FF14, who's entire job in FF14 was specifically to break the FF14s overfocus on fidelity to have gameplay that is actually good.
It stands to reason that when put in charge of another project, making things look as pretty as possible would be lower on the priority list than you're used to, *especially* from modern SE (where that design philosophy almost killed FF14, Final Fantasy, *and* Square Enix over like a 10 year period)

enkiduxiv42d ago

That’s what I would be afraid of. Just another Destiny clone like everything else. Square Enix is basically just Japanese EA at this point. They cut major story beats out of XV and sold them as DLC. They are chopping VII into tiny pieces to sell until the end of time. I can’t see this being any different.

Fluttershy7742d ago

Well it is news to me that XIV is successful. I'm one of those XI crazy people, and XIV never did it for me... well no mmo does it for me after XI

pwnmaster300042d ago

XIV is one of the most successful mmo out right now.
I played it and it was pretty good.

Greatball198742d ago

Stop reinventing the wheel and go back to what made the first ten games good.