Why Metal Gear Rising Is More Faithful To The Series Than MGSV

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Rising is in a different genre made by a different company, it's still a more faithful Metal Gear game than MGSV was.

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chrisx874d ago

Had a total blast with this game it's really awesome,though short. I hope we get a sequel eventually, it needs to happen.

RaidenBlack874d ago

I know most people likes the Platinum's version aka MGR:Revengeance.
But very few people remembers Kojima Production's own original version: Metal Gear Solid Rising.
I was absolutely blown away by its reveal at E3 2010. Liked the gameplay and the presentation.
So I got pretty disappointed when it got cancelled and Platinum took over and made their own version of it.
I recall the original being the perfect action style. Suited the MGS tempo.
Revengeance felt different to me. Hence I never played it. I've heard its good but well my hype for the original was too much.

Bahamut-Shin873d ago

for what I recall, Kojima production's couldn't find a way to make stealth, action and cut through anything mix well in a game. in fact I don't remember they even were able to show stealth in the trailers beside cutscene.

RaidenBlack873d ago

Console architecture didn't permitted the gameplay style that time.
Guess they can re-think for next-gen?

Name Last Name872d ago

I remember it well. The story was supposed to be between MGS 2 and 4.

P_Bomb874d ago

Was nice to see Jack the Ripper come out. Lordy was it needed vs the Senator!

JEECE873d ago

Very disappointed that the first comment was not "Nanomachines, Son."

SamPao873d ago

If only 1 of these 2 games could exist... I'd take MGSV over revegeance everyday.

I liked revegeance...but...over mgsV? No chance

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