Marvel's Avengers Review | Player Vs Alcohol

Much like the dual identities of its heroes, Marvel's Avengers has two distinct personas. And one is infinitely more likable than the other.

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gamesR4fun1374d ago

Just watch the game will get even more monetized after all the reviews drop.

BlackDoomAx1372d ago

people are complaining all the time, and i'm here, waiting to have the time to play it.


It's Not Too Late For Suicide Squad To Learn From Marvel's Avengers

TheGamer writes, "It feels like live service history repeating itself right now, but it's not too late to change that."

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I’m so ready for Suicide Squad to fill the Avengers void in my life

Marvel’s Avengers didn’t soar properly on PS5 and Xbox, but Kill the Justice League looks like it will improve on it in every way.

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poppatron147d ago

I can’t work out if this guy is just being sarcastic

Leeroyw147d ago

This website pumps out one shill article after the other. Does not qualify as journalism.

ShwaaMan147d ago

Said the guy who just got a big check from WB.

YourMommySpoils147d ago

Does that mean it will have a thousand pointless costumes like Avengers did, not related to the game or source?

coolbeans147d ago

"Guy who's excited for Suicide Squad to fill the void left by The Avengers' closure."

Traecy147d ago

I'll be checking it out on day one of release.

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Why Have Many of the Online Multiplayer Games of the Past Five Years Failed?

Here's a look at why so many online-multiplayer games from the past five years have struggled to retain players and their attention.

ChasterMies249d ago

Or put another way, why don’t people want to invest in an on-line storefront?

sparky77249d ago

It's simply FOMO.

Gamers always go back to their staples like COD or Fortnite. Those games have constant content and leaving them for another game means getting left behind. Why start a new game and be behind when you can stay with a game you already excel at.

Number1TailzFan249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

COD is replaced every year or almost every year, it has no time to hold a player base. 3-4 years is a good timeline for a sequel IMO if the game has enough content to begin with, maybe add a couple of free content updates a bit later after release if needed, and job done until the next game.

Soldier of Fortune 2 was one of my first few online FPS games apart from RTCW and a couple of others, and that had a couple of free patches which added in new weapons, maps and a new game mode in just a year or so. I hope the series makes a comeback, I heard MS owns it now and it has been dormant for a while.

The only sequel that came fast (just 1 year later) that impressed me with extra content over the original was L4D2, makes me wonder what happened with Valve. If they can do that in one year then what have they been doing since..

-Foxtrot249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Because it's not about putting out a fully completed game packed with content and something that actually works

It's about putting something out broken and barebones, slowly drip feed content with a roadmap and offering tons of MTs which they hope people will buy.

I miss when you'd just get games like Killzone or Halo and they'd get a couple of DLC packs then the developers would move onto the next game. Problem is they started to be influenced by COD where future games had to have gimmicks, weapon mods, loadouts, killstreaks and other shit which just become about what you had unlocked rather than skill.

The last multiplayer game I really enjoyed was Uncharted 2s, it was literally just two boosters and everyone started with the same weapons. It was great and felt like it was more about skill but then we got Uncharted 3 and 4 where the COD influence creeped in thinking that everything had to be bigger rather than sticking to the fanbase they had.

Nitrowolf2249d ago

i agree. i used to love MP games for these titles, and be excited about the map packs and such. now it's we will release one mode and one map, and see how people take to the game. Flops? cool move on.

isarai249d ago

Even before the PS3 generation ended, I was already longing for a return to simplistic MP without all the XP, booster, perks, and ridiculous custom loadouts full of op exploitation. Like there's definitely a huge audience for that, but there's NO classic style simple MP modes anymore, I'm just asking for some

ZeekQuattro249d ago

Most people don't have the time to invest into playing multiple GAAS and stick to just one. It also doesn't help that so many games in that field only have a roadmap laid out for the first month or so. Hard to keep people invested when you don't give them a reason to stick around after the initial launch month.

excaliburps248d ago

Yep. I know what you mean. I can't play more than 1-2 live service games at a time (this includes shooters) since it's just so overwhelming.

shinoff2183249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

My theory , well online gaming just sucks, so many online games recently that if done the right way could've been dope ass single player games. One that comes to mind evil dead. What a waste of the title