Is The Games As A Service Spell Finally Breaking?

Arkane is just the latest studio to make the pivot from single-player excellence to loot-driven blunder.

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Christopher150d ago

Redfall is a GAAS game? Kind of just seems like a poor game, not a long-term service game. No seasonal content or cosmetic MTX.

jznrpg150d ago

Subscription spell is breaking. Cheap sub cheap games isn’t what most of us want.


Marvel's Avengers, Just Three Years Old, Is Gone

Marvel's Avengers has been pulled from sale after just three years, as Square Enix cuts its losses on its wayward superhero project.

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anast9h ago

People want games, not monetization schemes in a game wrapper.

Knightofelemia7h ago

Wonder what Mickey Mouse is thinking with the way this game preformed?

FinalFantasyFanatic6h ago

Probably doesn't care when you look at how little porfit some of the newer movies are making, they spend heaps on writing, reshooting, and special effects, so their movies are 2 to 3 times the budget of your average hollywood film.

ravens524h ago

Don't give them another Marvel title again lol. Expect better from SE.

Abnor_Mal3h ago

Can I still play it on PS Plus if I added it to my library but never downloaded onto the console?

CantThinkOfAUsername3h ago

Yeah. It's only removed for new sales. You can play it as long as the servers are up (which I bet won't be for long).

EvertonFC56m ago

So even if you own the physical disk, it won't be possible to play it?


Review - Redfall (Xbox Series S/X) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "As a whole, this entire game just reeks of “we didn’t care about making it”. Redfall might not be the worst game released in 2023, but I don’t think I have played something more uninspired. It looks dated, its performance is disappointing, its plot is bland, the controls are glitchy, and the entire gameplay loop is the most generic and passion-devoid AAA schtick you could think of. If Arkane clearly wasn’t willing to make this game, then why would any of us should or want to care about it? Not even the fact it’s on Gamepass makes it being worth downloading it and playing for a day or two."

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CappyBlack9d ago

Just leave the dev to concentrate on what they do best - immersive sims. That said, this blunder of a game made most of the key talent jump ship. Sad; being Arkane were easily one of my favorite developers.
I blame Harvey Smith. Any time he is given a production role, he stumbles. Redfall and Deus Ex: Invisible War back when. He's a good creative talent, but he shouldn't be leading a project.

__SteakDeck__8d ago

It’s just like in Sports and Companies. There are people that make great assistant coaches/coordinators but average to bad coaches. There are people that make great VPs but bad Head CEOs.

Doomeduk8d ago

The problem in leaving them to what they do best is having 75% of you capable team leave when they were acquired by MS


Marvel’s Avengers Being Removed From Digital Storefronts by End of the Month, Now at 90% Off

Marvel's Avengers has been put on 90% discount before it is permanently removed from digital storefronts at the end of September.

shinoff218313d ago

Not that I liked the game but my point is

YAY digital. Another example why all digital is a bad idea.

-Foxtrot13d ago

Oh no no...Digital is the future remember



NotoriousWhiz13d ago

Digital copies are still playable after the end of the month.

shinoff218313d ago

What about after it's delisted. From the sounds of it, if it's not on your console it's gone.

NotoriousWhiz12d ago

Unclear if you'll be able to re-download it. For most de-listed games, you can still re-download them even after they are removed from purchase. There are some rare exceptions though. Generally, you can assume that it can be re-downloaded unless they explicitly state that you cannot.

DeusFever12d ago

You’ll have a good time with this game for $4. Ms Marvel’s abilities alone are worth the price of admission. All the cosmetic micro-transactions are also free so have fun kitting out the most ridiculous Avengers team.