Mafia: Definitive Edition Review Embargo Details and PS4 File Size

Mafia: Definitive Edition is just a week away from launch and review copies have been sent out.

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ClayRules2012985d ago

Thank you for this!

I’m anxious to see the final reviews & impressions on this game. I’m really intrigued by it, but I’m also nit picky with a few things

1. The animations- Moving in and out’ve vehicles is rather quick, as does the gun fire animations. It just looks unnatural and for me takes away from the realism they’re aiming for.

2. The city looks really beautiful, and they seem to have really captured what we’ve been shown incredibly well and true to the time period. I guess this isn’t a nitpick but more of a hope, and I’ll be a little disappointed if it’s not in (not a make or break tho) that we can go into some random buildings, to change clothes, buy guns, and so on. I’d just add a greater level/sense of realism to this beautifully crafted world. But to me, if they nail that iconic story like they did the original game, while also bringing something great and unique to the added scenes and so forth, I’ll walk away happy, I hope lol. I believe I will.

I just hope fans aren’t let down by this....

chicken_in_the_corn985d ago

Looking forward to the trilogy set. Going to start the original Mafia later

purple101985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Apparently this is the one to get. And the triliogy isn't worth it.. as 2 is mediocre and 3 is a turd.? That's just internet speak but I'm thinking just get this definite edition myself and skip triliogy. This is the one they put most work into. As in a complete remaster not just a touch up.

chicken_in_the_corn984d ago

2 is great. Definitely worth checking out. 3 has a great story and soundtrack but is very repetitive

Chriswheeler22984d ago

2 is great, if you like the style of 1.

I also enjoyed 3 alot but it was repetitive. I like the narrative and gun play was solid imo

BenRC01984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Cant be bothered to read but if embargo is post release then it sucks obvs.
I hope it doesnt, I really like the look of it

Chriswheeler22984d ago

Read it for you. 24th at 11 am eastern is the embargo lift.