Halo 4 Would Have Been the Perfect Ending to Master Chief's Story

343 Industries' Halo 4 offers a great campaign with an appreciable story that is a great conclusion to Master Chief & Cortana's story.

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FallenAngel198445d ago

Microsoft isn’t gonna end the story of their main mascot

Phoenix02944d ago

In a similar vein I hope uncharted 4 is Nates end as it seems a fitting conclusion. People in films and games tend not to be brave and move on but rather play the safe bet and keep the old characters going at the risk of overusing them.

FlavorLav0144d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Indiana Jones anyone? Pushing 80 and still swinging from a whip like Tarzan. Haha

Beating a character to death without properly rebooting it every once and awhile definitely makes things super stale.

LoveSpuds44d ago

Agreed, no question that they should move on to new projects, but they won't until they milk every last drop out of Halo.

TheProblem44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

3 should have been the ending but Microsoft forced bungie to make another so they made reach which was also an excellent game.

343 just don’t have the same talent and the scores reflect that. They created the two lowest rated halos in the franchise and infinite looks like a dud

autobotdan44d ago

Yes Halo 4 should have been the final Halo game. We should have seen 343 try a new IP after Halo 4. Halo 5 should have never happened

Vits44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I don't see how that would feasible. Halo as a franchise is just too big to get shelved in prol of something new. What they should have done is end Master Chief saga on Halo 4. And started with a new character/setting for the next one similar to what was done with Gears of War.

And I also think they sort of tried that with Locke in Halo 5. But with Chief being a fundamental part of the game.It didn't really worked.

Stanjara44d ago

As I remember yes as I don't want to spoil anything.

CrimsonWing6944d ago

Man, Halo 3 I remember being such an epic experience and so was Reach and I’m not a Halo fanboy. Halo 4 turned me off from the series and I didn’t even bother with 5. This Halo Infinite does nothing for me, either. I dunno, maybe this series just isn’t for me I guess.

TheRealTedCruz44d ago

I'm a big fan of the series. 2 and Reach are my personal favorites.

I really didn't like 4, honestly. Didn't like the new artistic look. Didn't like the new enemies and weapons.
I'm enjoying Master Chief Collection on PC, but never delved into Halo 5. Then again, I didn't buy an Xbox this gen.

coolbeans44d ago

No. 343 had a 'Forerunner' trilogy pegged for it at the beginning. It expanded to a saga later on down the line.

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