Great, we can finally have N64 on Switch

With Super Mario 64 coming to Switch, does this finally mean other games will be arriving soon?

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Knushwood Butt175d ago

I already beat Mario 64 on DS more than a decade ago.

It wasn't that great.

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FallenAngel1984175d ago

Can we even get more NES & SNES titles in a timely manner

Double_O_Revan175d ago

"does this finally mean other games will be arriving soon?"
No. Because Nintendo is Nintendo. They can't release NES and SNES games at a decent interval. We should've had N64 games long LONG ago on the Switch. Hell, we should've had Gamecube games. But Nintendo is more interested in locking those games away to keep people from playing them, Why they shut down the eShop, I'll never know. We could've had everything on the Switch. It could've been the all in one system I've always hoped for from a console maker, but they just want to do what THEY want to do, even if that means disappointing their fans.

Unknown_Gamer5794173d ago

This.^ People wonder why I'm harsh on Nintendo. I think the Switch is great. But, I know it could be amazing and that's what frustrates me. One way in which it could be so much better is access to VC. Imagine a device that basically merged the console and handheld VCs and even added more retro/past gen games. It would be the best legacy system Nintendo's ever had. Imagine being able to play virtually all Legend of Zelda games on one system. That would have been amazing.

As it stands, I'll take what I can get from Nintendo, but it's a far cry from what we could have had.

purple101174d ago

I remember diddy kong racing was the best time of my life!

. Ive not brought a switch. And don't travel enough to warrant a portable machine . And at home I've got playstation . Sorry ninty. Too little too late.

franwex173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Is that game on anything other than N64? I’m not sure if it’s doable anywhere else due to Rare.
I guess it COULD be on xbox. I think there was a DS version some ago.

Similar to Goldeneye only on N64, but I could be wrong.

masterfox173d ago

What an incredible achievement. -_-