This Doesn’t Redeem You, Ubisoft

Re-releasing Scott Pilgrim vs The World doesn't fix things quite that easily.

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mastershredder48d ago

"But because of some absolute scumbags at the top, I can’t in good conscience even think about giving this company a dollar at the moment. It would be like if Konami suddenly announced that PT and Silent Hills was coming back that would be great, but you also have to wonder what made them changed their mind."

You really did not have much to go on, but that just exposed how out of touch, fan news driven and un-industry you are. I get that you think that your heros can do no wrong and all, but get back to gaming kiddo. Squeak on.

Meanwhile, they are looking for contributors to deliver more of this. :/

Pyrofire9547d ago

Should they just stop producing anything until people suddenly forgive them?