Atlus May Not Return to the First Two Persona Games

With Sega and Atlus looking into porting more titles to PC, thanks to Persona 4 Golden, the first two Persona games may be last priority.

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Vits994d ago

Likely. The three first Personas don't really play like what most people assume to be standard for the franchise.
Plus they are much older games that would require a far more extensive work in order to fit into modern systems.

That said. I would love to see a remaster of them though. Similar to P4G, these games are stuck on older hardware PSP and PSONE and while they don't have the features that one would expect out of Persona. They have some solid gameplay and pretty good stories - expecially the second and "third" games.

994d ago
rataranian994d ago

Be amazing if they remade them in the P5 engine style.

NukeDaHippies993d ago

As a big smt and persona fan, i'm not a fan of p1 and p2. Battles are some of the most painfully slow turn based battles I've ever experienced in any of the localised smt titles. I was never big on the story of either. (Never finished 1). Thats my hot take on the first 2....never played eternal punishment either.