Ranking All Mainline Grand Theft Auto Games

Edgar writes: "In this list, we take a close look at each mainline Grand Theft Auto entry, find out what makes it good and rank them in order, from the worst to the best."

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Killa7849d ago

Really tough one but San Andreas for me!

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isarai49d ago

Came here to say the same, it's just the most "fun" to me. After that they went too far with realism and killed a lot of that fun SA had. Hell i just rebought it on PS4 since i'm out of games to play till PS5 and still having a lot of fun with it.

NecrumOddBoy49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Jumping in just to say GTA Chinatown Wars on DS is my actual #3 next to SA(1)and VC(2). GTA:CTW had the best wanted system and fun controls/mini games.

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LucasRuinedChildhood49d ago

Vice City has an amazing soundtrack and atmosphere but the open world gameplay is not anywhere near as good as San Andreas. It has less features, vehicles, weapons, customization, worse cheats and no RPG mechanics. San Andreas never gets boring all these years later.

Really hope that the next GTA is technologically another big step up but in a re-imagined version of Vice City with new areas though (forests, countryside, desert, mountains, suburbs, etc). They've had a long time.

Nacho_Z49d ago

I think you're probably right there, for me heart says VC for the vibes and the soundtrack (and the memories) and my head says SA is the better game overall.

I'd pay a decent amount of money for quality remakes of both games. GTA6 set in VC would be cool but the writing and soundtrack couldn't possibly be as good.

MagicLebronJordan49d ago

My List
You could flip flop San Andreas and Vice City very similar games I just prefer the 80s theme to the Boys n the Hood theme but I loved both.
1. GTA 5
2. Vice City
3. San Andreas
4. GTA 4
5. GTA 3

LucasRuinedChildhood49d ago

People like to insult GTA5 because of its popularity but it fixed everything people complained about in GTA4 and pushed the series forward as well. It had so much variety and such a good pace. I still love the ambient music that plays as you fly across the city at night.

With the budget they have, they could actually throw skateboarding in as a mini-game in GTA6. haha. I hope they keep the quality high and that the loss of Dan Houser doesn't cause too many problems.

WillyC00949d ago

1. Vice City
4. San Andreas
7. GTA

The_Sage49d ago

That is exactly how I would lay them out.

WillyC00949d ago

A person with taste! They say great minds think alike.

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