EA Doesn't Care About the NHL Franchise

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The lack of innovation and depth from one game to the next has made it painfully obvious that EA doesn’t care for the NHL franchise and just like the Toronto Maple Leafs, this series will always be stuck in mediocrity and disappointment."

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Relientk7748d ago

It's because it makes them less money than the other sports games, probably.

sampsonon48d ago

That might be true, but they have the market and they do make money from the franchise, otherwise they wouldn't make the games. Madden is garbage and that is the most popular sport in the US.

JackBNimble48d ago

They make money because they keep recycling the same game every year.
The difference between annual games would be equivalent to a small update.

Imortus_san48d ago

There is a reason why no other companies make ice Hockey games.

sampsonon48d ago

Is there a reason why no other companies make football games, or basketball games?

Agent_00_Revan48d ago

Yes actually, it's called Exclusive License deals. No other companies are going to bother because they can't use the actual teams and players. But no one company holds any exclusive deal with the NHL, therefor any company can make NHL games. NHL games just don't sell as well.

sampsonon48d ago

@Agent_00_Revan: neither does the show, but that doesn't stop Sony from making a great baseball game.

Class_Viceroy48d ago

Well actually, EA doesn’t care about any of their sports franchises. Madden is the same game year after year. FIFA sells because it’s the most popular sport in the world and the gameplay is good. And all games crowded with micro transactions.

The one thing I’ll give EA credit for is NHL has the best online sports mode of them all, the World of CHEL and EASHL clubs. I’ve been playing clubs since it released over ten years ago. Playing online in clubs is fun, and Ones and Threes has proven to be a fun alternative added the last few years.

This year they actually added a lot of changes to online, so I’ll take that as a win because I usually expect zero innovation. I’m glad they waited for Next Gen because this year would of sucked had they just tried to make the jump.

But just to make it clear, EA sucks and no ones cares about NHL hah

TheOtherMoon48d ago

Let's be honest. they do not care about their sports game -- they'd rather gave games dedicated to UT soley.

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