Top 10 Soundtracks Almost as Good as the Game Itself

Music is what spurs up your emotions when playing a game. Here are 10 games with truly brilliant soundtracks that were as good as the game itself.

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AceRimmer30251d ago

Any Nobuo Uematsu scored game.

Z50150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Nier, Final Fantasy 15, Peace Walker. Guns of the Patriots.

LiquidJordan50d ago


No Gravity is FIRE. Or the Talos Lobby track.

jbrock1150d ago

1. FF7/FF7R
2. EarthBound
3. FF8
4. Chrono Trigger
5. Yakuza 0
6. Death Stranding
7. Undertale
8. Street Fighter
9. Mega Man
10. Killer Instinct

The_Sage49d ago

Remember Me. Mirrors Edge. Vice City.