Interview: Sony Fights Back: Jack Tretton Defends the PS3 [IUP]

The cover of EGM's March issue boasts a PlayStation 3 stained with the red smear of a tomato that's been lobbed at the console and the word "BattleStation!" -- the article looks at what went wrong when the market leader entered this console cycle, and more importantly, SCEA's Jack Tretton explains Sony's side of the story.

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DJ4906d ago

If Sony were in 2nd or 3rd place in the videogame market like MS or Nintendo specifically, they'd be viewed as the underdog and actually get support from the press. No one has ever won 3 hardware generations in a row, but it looks like Sony will be able to do just that.

BIadestarX4906d ago

Really? Ohh wow, and you base you statement, "but it looks like Sony will be able to do just that" on what? What do you mean by "looks"? Is it because Sony it's selling like hot cakes everywhere? Is it because the PS3 can't be found on any retail store in the US and Japan? It's because it's selling 200,000 units a week in Japan? Is it because as indicated by many major sites the games blow the xbox 360 games out of the water? or it is because Sony online network offers more features and quality than xbox live? Is it because all PS3 games comes with online support like VF5? DJ, stop being a fanboy and stop declaring the PS3 the winner when the market it's indicating otherwise.

UrbanJabroni4906d ago

How in God's name have you reached the conclusion that the PS3 is ALREADY going to be number one? If I looked at the market right now, I'd really have to go with the Wii, based on its outselling of the PS3 in all territories, or maybe with the 360, given its current lead.

Sure the PS3 could certainly become number one, but making a statement that "it looks like..." PS3 will be the leader at this point is beyond insane. There is, as of today at least, no indication that _anyone_ is going to be the market leader.

You stating otherwise makes it look like you aren't even a fanboy, but a paid Sony shill.

TheMART4906d ago

Makes clear to everybody again

DJ = twisting


DJ = lying


DJ = dreaming

either way. We've spoken about these things time after time. The evidence is out there. A 600 dollar machine that has only one good game, Resistance, good not great. Sony is saying: you're paying for potential which means: wait a little bit longer. Fans are constantly saying: "Wait till the PS3 is here", "Wait till the good games arrive", "Wait till the PS3 has it's 2nd gen games". SO WHAT. You'll still be waiting while the best choice is the 360. Period.

DJ4906d ago

14 months of market presence vs. 2 months of market presence. You keep acting like Playstation fans are somehow lying to you, when really there aren't any big titles coming out till March. You're never going to purchase a Playstation 3 so I don't understand why you waste your time talking about both Sony's console AND me in every single post.

If people want or don't want a PS3, that's their choice. No need to act like a televangelist and force your viewpoints onto others.

PureGamer4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

title says it m8 no one listens to your opinions because your full of [email protected]! you really need to get outside, dude get off the computer and go do somthing else instead of waking up in the morning post irevelent posts and say DJ is a liar you inbred tart. I mean look at ya arguing over a games machine when the PS3 has been out for 2 months and hasnt even been released in all of the world yet, for someone who is constently riding the xbox360 you really have no commen sense whats so ever.

FeralPhoenix4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

"14 months vs 2 months".....aaahhh, but before it was "**WAIT** until the PS3 is **RELEASED** in November, then 360 will be blown away" or "Everyone will see the **superiority** of the PS3 when its launched"...blah, blah, etc. Now it starts all over again with "**WAIT** until....." Do you see the pattern "Overated"?(nice name, reminds me of the P....nah, thats just too easy -lol) -thats WHY everyone says DJ's name....he's the one who makes the wild accussations....and now he has to walk around with the egg on his face....or at least everytime he comments on N4G, it seems he gets hit with a "old" rotten egg....poor DJ.

techie4906d ago

You're all so immature.

miasma4906d ago

I am a long time fan of playstation, but i do have to admit that i am glad i waited on the ps3 and bought xbox 360. i haven't stopped playing that thing since the day i bought it 2 months ago. It rocks! After reading articles like this it seems more like leap frog, or who's winning at the moment with the console wars. One comes out and does real well for a while (P1 & 2), then something new comes out (Xbox 360) and makes advances in the gaming experience, then PS3 comes out, and it may take time, but will probably be what people are claiming it will be (i hope it happens). But then MS will improve beyond that and so on and so on... So i personally don't see why we need to keep reading the same "who's gonna be the winner" crap. There's no point, at least in my opinion.

techie4906d ago

Still have to say Im psyched to get my ps3. I have a feeling it really will exceed my expectations. It is a beast of a machine and the kinda games I like to play are really being catered for. I love prince of persia and god of war - and I have next-gen games that fit that description and Im sure, surpass them, like Heavenly Sword and Assassins Creed. I also need an Hd player and blu ray will do me well. My only dvd player in the house was the ps2 and so the ps3 will gladly take its place.

Bring it on I say. Kudos to Microsoft as well for their hardcore gamers machine - it seems to rock in the gaming and online department. I sadly only have dialup at the mo lol will come and ps3s free service will be waiting

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