Preview : F.E.A.R. [IGN]

One of the scariest games to come along in some time, F.E.A.R. (short for First Encounter Assault Recon) hit the PC back in late 2005 to critical acclaim, and then again late last year on the Xbox 360. This March, Sierra Entertainment, Monolith Productions and Day 1 Studios will unleash the frightening shooter on PlayStation 3 owners everywhere.

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DJ5717d ago

Which makes me wonder how good/bad of job they're doing (particularly after reading this preview). If the PS3 version of Oblivion looks superior, there's no reason for this version of FEAR to falter.

Funky Town_TX5717d ago

What if the 360 version of VF5 looks better? What will you say about that? I would say alot things would make a game look better on another system. Power would be it, but not the only reason.

Maldread5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

By the sound of the preview they are getting the lesser game once again.

And it`s the same developer which made the 360 version. Day 1/Monolith.

Let`s hope the the final version get`s better, but i wouldn`t hold my breath, unfortunately.

For Oblivion, let`s wait for some reviews first. In my opinion the fps should be the main priority there, and not getting it to run in 1080p. The extended view should be nice though.

Havince5717d ago

this kinda title will be a straight port id say, however its actually a good game and online is good.......if PS3 network can cope with it coz it can be LAGGY at times with a full room

Arkham5717d ago

Looks like crap. But since I have it on the PC, I'm not concerned about either console version.

bilal5716d ago

it does look like use porting it to ps3 it is very old