Deathground Is All About 'Terror, Teamwork & Emergence,' Says Studio Head

Upcoming survival horror game Deathground has been in the headlines for all the right reasons over the past couple of months.

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GaboonViper95d ago

It pleases me to see more dinosaur games, all we need now is Dino Crisis.

Bretty95d ago

Yeah I'm loving this resurgence in dinosaur games right now.

Sonic-and-Crash95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

i like what they try to create with Deathground ....though i really hope Capcom to NOT get any clues/inspiration from them and make Dino Crisis an FPS game...Dino Crisis Remake MUST be Tps at all costs

monkey60294d ago

Thought this looked great and I was going to back the kickstarter but they lost me on the long wait and pc only. I have a rig to run it but the guys I'd play it with dont so it would be a lonesome experience for me. I'll wait until there's some console news

Bretty94d ago

Hoping it'll pop up on console down the road, especially if it keeps getting interest from people. Fingers crossed as most my friends are console gamers too!