Van Gogh inspired Counter-Strike map looks interesting

Someone has created a Counter-Strike map based on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. As you can see from the video, it looks pretty impressive, even managing to incorporate some of Big Vince's other paintings. It's certainly an original idea but there's no word yet on whether it'll be released as part of the official Counter-Strike map pack… That is, if they even update CS 1.6 anymore. And, er, if they've gone a bit crazy.

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clinker4236d ago

Wow, it seems like there is a new video game website popping up every single day. I bet that in a few months, we will all have our own blog, and everyone's traffic will be exactly 1.

GrieverSoul4236d ago

lol! I thought that too!

Whats the next news? Goldeneye expansion pack for Nintendo 64?

SnappyGamer4236d ago

Has been going for a few months now. Perhaps you should bookmark it. We're here to stay.

clinker4236d ago

I just started my own site called funkygamer. We are also here to stay :P

Ghoul4236d ago

cheers you said it more elegant then me, thats why i reported this. Im getting sick of people making ablog writing something up and calling it news by submitting it personaly here.

It hasent even been found by a contributer the website owner himself submits this "news"

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SnappyGamer4236d ago

It is news. Well, you seem to be the only one against it. And you reported my other story as well. What's your problem?

Ghoul4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

i reported this story nothing else, btw your insult i received over PM is really a bit immature, i "had" no problem with you and only used a funktion of the website its the admins who decide if the story gets pulled.

The only one here having a problem seams to be you, as of me i dont feel the necessity to insult others.

" Ahhh
I see you're ignored by 20 people, and then there's this:


BOOHOO. Seems you're a bit of a cunt and nobody likes you. Hahaahahahaha. Cunt. "

If you want to host a gaming website that is ought to stay, you should rethink the way to talk to others.

just a tip : If you want snappy gamer to become a real website,
you should at least insert the legal information needed to runa legal website of that kind.

have a nice day john

SnappyGamer4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

is a real website. Unless this is all a dream and I've been imagining everything? Is it all a dream?! Tell me it isn't! Please!

edit: Also, legal information? What are you talking about? I don't need any legal information. I'm not in the e-commerce business. I review and write about games. That's it. No legal junk required.

But anyway, your 20 ignores says it all really. It seems I'm not the first person you've been a complete tool to unnecessarily, and I'm sure I won't be the last. Happy trails, you're now ignored by me as well :)

thereapersson4236d ago

I like the texture work and the music. This is a very creative level concept; though, it seems that people don't like creativity, judging by the article reports, and the lack of Little Big Planet sales.

SnappyGamer4235d ago

that lots of people found this interesting, considering the number of hits I've had and the temperature of this story. I think Ghoul is just a bit jealous because his submissions are rubbish.

Ghoul4235d ago

snappygamer ive never seen anyone so overreacting over a report, you cant stop talking about me :) you even take the time to insult me over pm !

SnappyGamer4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

There's no backing out now mate. You've been really petty because you have some sort of vendetta against me, so I've taken appropriate action and told you how much I love you.

I still love you.

You've just posted a made up series of events, but I'm ignoring you now anyway. Also, I'm going through some stuff. My hamster just died and I'm really upset about it.

Ghoul4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

wow just wow

- i report the story
- you insult me over pm and in the topic
- i answer to you that your not polite and ask you to stop
- you insult me again over pm and in the topic
- i point out that you are totaly freaking out because i reported the story (not you)
- you come up with some crazytalk "vendetta against me".

everything ok ?