Court orders Apple to not block Epic's Unreal Engine

After Epic violated Apple’s App Store rules, Apple removed Fortnite game from the App Store and also threatened to block Epic’s Unreal Engine from Apple platforms. Epic filed a motion for a temporary restraining order. Today, an US district judge ruled that Apple can continue to block Fortnite from App Store but it should not block Unreal Engine as it may affect 3rd party developers like Microsoft.

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Jin_Sakai95d ago

But Apple can still block Fortnite. So this isn’t a win for Epic by any means.

Atom66695d ago

Except for the whole Epic owns Unreal part.

Jin_Sakai93d ago

“Except for the whole Epic owns Unreal part.”

Except Apple can still block Fortnite from the App Store.

So it’s a win lose situation.

FallenAngel198495d ago

Nice. Other third party developers and publishers shouldn’t have to suffer for this debacle that isn’t related to them

LM121393d ago

honestly it shouldn't matter...Im not for apple or anything. but some court telling a company what they can and can't do with the company they own, is stupid.

elazz93d ago

That's how the legal system works. There are rules and the court has to decide if any of the parties are breaking them or not.

Maybe some don't make sense like in the repair industry that needs to be changed but for this case I do believe that third parties to suffer because the engine they license is being removed is excessive.

Nanas94d ago

Very appropriate. Screw Epic and Fortnite but other devs shouldn't have to suffer because of it. Ideally though other devs should get off the Unreal Engine but that's just unrealistic I guess.

SamPao94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Erm what? Why would they get off of unreal its a great engine and the company is fighting for every single developer so that they dont have to pay apple 30% and keep more money for themselfs and their games.
30% for every single transaction may I add.

LuckyDuck1294d ago

Yeah 30% cut is just plain greedy, not cool Apple, not cool!

lnfiniteLoop94d ago

bad Apple, Naughty Apple... this is not quite the same as the 30% that Google, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo charge for every transaction... yeah thats right its a different 30%... bad Apple, Naughty Apple...

Bobertt94d ago

Not really every other platform charges about the same. Its the cost of business, they had no problem paying it for years until Fortnite made them billions so now they have a reason to fight for a lower rate. If the stores are greedy so is Epic because they didn't stand up against them until it could benefit them. In fact in the email that was released between Apple and Epic that started the whole issue showed Epic was asking for a discount for them only. They aren't fighting for the little guy or for developers around the world they just got turned down so now they are trying to rally the other billionaires to get the app stores to lower their prices.

Sunny_D94d ago

Lol, they aren't fighting for every single dev. What kind of PR is that. Before they did this lawsuit, they went to Apple directly to try to score an exclusive deal with them. When that didn't happen, they started this whole thing.

SamPao94d ago

@InfiniteLoop even if that would be true who said its cool of them to do so?

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lnfiniteLoop94d ago

currently ruled its Epics own doing by violating T&C forcing Apple to delete Fortnite and Apple are quite right to do so... temp block currently on Apple removing Epics Unreal Dev support from MacOS/iOS... full hearing will be later on...

lnfiniteLoop94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

@SamPao - every storefront Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo get a 30% cut for every sale on their strorefront, why has Epic not got a problem with them? this will no doubt come out further into the court case...

SamPao94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Do you have any proof of what you are saying because I do not have a mail or anything that proofs your statement. Maybe some delvs actually have better deals than others because they actually negotiate you know.
Then again I dont see why they shouldnt go to court if they want change, go ahead its not my company that is fightikg for their money, its fine if they do we dont have to defend any of those companys

Zhipp93d ago

I think the fact that Epic is going after Apple like this is proof enough that they're not cool with paying 30%. They already made their own store on PC, so I'm sure they never were happy with giving such a substantial cut of their profits -- and really, why would they be? Pre Fortnite they just didn't have the clout to do anything about it. It's probably only a matter of time before they start trying to branch out even further -- assuming they haven't already worked out a deal with M$/Sony/Nintendo. Apple is just the current target. I really think this is just the beginning for Epic. Who knows, we might even see them enter the console race in a few years.

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