Top 10 Wii Games That Need Switch Ports

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Where does Nintendo look to for ports next? Well let’s look a bit further back in time at the original Wii console – a system that, while controversial at the time due to its reliance on motion controls still manged to build up a stellar software library. Here’s just 10 of the Wii games that need Switch ports."

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King_Noctis63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Wow what? Or maybe you are just surprised that the Wii has so many games worth playing?

Flawlessmic63d ago

Just give me a super mario sunshine remaster and i will be happy!!

CDbiggen63d ago

The Wii definitely had some great games on it, but the motion controls have gotten a lot of them stuck on that console.

Positivelypositive 62d ago

Super Paper Mario was my favorite in the series, I hope the next one takes more after it. I hated the tile moving battle system and just running away from enemies was the same as fighting them since you don't earn xp or get anything from the battles.