Prepare for one of the Best Generations of Gaming

"The cynics amongst you will immediately laugh off the title of this article, particularly if you are one of the older gamers. How on Earth can modern gaming even compare to the purity, grace and innovative experiences of old, when gaming wasn’t asphyxiated by greedy corporate practice, a supposed dilution of the essence of gaming by way of exploitative measures and…shit like Fortnite. To that I say nay, oh jaded gamer. Whilst we have seen our fair share of successes and failures this generation, I truly believe the next generation will herald one of the best gaming experiences out there. Don’t believe me? Watch our video below and tell me with a straight face that it didn’t do anything to get you hyped. "

Gaz discusses why the next-gen could be the best generation of gaming.

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chrisx1195d ago

I have no doubt that the PS5 just like the previous PS series before it, will deliver an amazing generation with highly rated exclusives and new IPs. New standards shall be set.

morganfell1195d ago

For me, it is the PS5 that will alter gaming in a manner we have not seen in some time. We did not witness it with the current generation. Current and past generations have made the focus of innovation mostly a graphics equation. No one fundamentally reshaped the gaming experience. Higher resolution and faster framerates have their degree of importance. But the titles which to this day remain with me are not something I remember due to my uttering, "Oh wow I can't forget that game because it was 4K."

Putting audio on equal footing with the graphical component, by introducing a new technology enhancing how we physically interact with a title, and shifting our entire concept of how we enter and move through a game world Sony is drastically morphing the possibilities.

darthv721195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Man I'm so hyped for next gen. Sony leveraging their strength in audio fidelity has me looking at new hi-fi equipment to make the most of it. I have never really gamed on consoles using headphone (I used to on PC) but i am really considering investing in some quality headphones. Any suggestions for ones that will work on both PS and XB?

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RememberThe3571194d ago


I love my system but headphones are where it's at. I still use my Sennheiser 280 pro and it's still great after years of use. Shoot at this point I've had these things for almost 10 years 😳🤔😬

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Wasabi1195d ago

Well written article that makes some great points, The quality of the video edit is excellent, KAIN Poduction does good work.

Hyped for next gen.

poleerollee1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

what? no Hell Blade footage?

Mooncake1195d ago

I can't say I care for the baiting opinion piece, but the video is pretty fricking awesome. Next-gen can't come soon enough!

Tacoboto1194d ago

From the first parties, we know that both are pushing new IP (Avowed, Everwild, Returnal). Both are accepting that established IPs need time before being rushed out (GT7, Forza), even when they demo well (R&C), and especially when they don't (Halo). And both want us to know our favorite franchises are coming back (Horizon, Fable).

The reasons for buying one may not apply to the other. And that's all fine because, even with Switch, they all offer unique experiences

isarai1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

That's what i dont think a lot of people are fully grasping here. This is the biggest leap we've seen in a while, probably since the SD>HD transition. The thing is the biggest leaps are not in how things look on the surface but how things react, how they're designed, how dynamic things are, how dense details can be, and how fast they load.

It's something that only shows with extended gameplay, which haven't seen much of besides Ratchet and Clank, the tech demo and halo.

Gonna be interesting for sure