Why the Marvel vs. Capcom Series Needs a New Entry

The Marvel vs. Capcom series needs a new entry after Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. It really could use a better send-off then that what it got.

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Immagaiden946d ago

It’s the only other fighting series aside from SF that Capcom focuses on nowadays. It’d be a shame if such a prolific franchise just died after the Injustice that MvC: I suffered

UnSelf945d ago

Mvc 2 was the last great versus game. Mvc3- the game where your character bounces off the floor like it’s a trampoline so your opponent can continuously perform his infinite on you- was horrific

jeremyj2913945d ago

Because Infinites weren't present in MvC2?

PurpHerbison945d ago

Do you even know what you are talking about? MvC2 was more about infinites than 3 was. I love myself some MvC2 but that game had way more issues than 3. Do some research prior to posting.

945d ago
Gaming4Life1981945d ago

Mvsc2 is my favorite and i would pay full price for a digital release. Mvc 3 and infinite are garbage compared to 1 & 2 but it is fun to be had with them. Bring on mvsc4 and hopefully this time its great like 1 & 2.

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SickSinceSix946d ago

Just port over the older ones to current and next gen first

sourOG945d ago

I think capcom needs it’s own fighter. No license bs, no woke character limitations. They have plenty of characters to make a dope fighter.

phoenixwing945d ago

as much as it pains me i agree. I'd love to play a new marvel vs capcom game but lets be real, appeasing the owners of the marvel licenses is a headache and never will turn out well again. It's better for capcom to come up with their own new fighter than to waste time trying to negotiate and have it turn out like crap.

ABizzel1945d ago

The problem with Infinite was the required MCU tie in, and the complete reduction of gameplay from MvC3.
Here's hoping for something more inclusive since MCU will be expanding and hopefully they return to form with MvC3 style gameplay.

sourOG945d ago

Just a “capcom vs” would be fine. All of their different franchises with mvc mechanics. People would be hyped and fans would understand.

Michiel1989945d ago

I would love to see Capcom vs Nintendo or Sony, but that will probably never happen

autobotdan945d ago

No it doesn't. Capcom vs SNK or Capcom vs Tatsunoko need need entries. Darkstalkers or Project Justice need new entries

ChiefofLoliPolice944d ago

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Project Justice all the way! Very underrated gems. Got them both and love em.

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