No FFXI on Wii, FF Anniversary Projects on Nintendo Systems, Chrono Update & Much More

Yesterday Cubed³'s Adam Riley was lucky enough to be invited to interview Square Enix's Senior Vice President Hiromichi Tanaka on a vast array of subjects. The purpose of Tanaka-san's visit to Europe was to help push the French and German releases of Final Fantasy XI, as well as promote Final Fantasy III on the DS. However, being such a amiable person he was more than open to fielding a few other questions, such as ones related to his recent comments regarding a Chrono Cross sequel not being forthcoming.

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Maddens Raiders4913d ago

a quote -- "Sadly Tanaka-san does not believe the Wii hardware would be able to cope with Final Fantasy XI, which was sad to hear since the game has already appeared on the far inferior PlayStation 2. When pressed on this matter, it was revealed that the problem lies more with Nintendo’s current online stance – not wanting people to interact online without the aid of Friends Codes. However, the key point to mention is that Square Enix is currently in talks with Nintendo about resolving this point of contention!"

Here's hoping they can convince Nintendo that not ALL of their fanbase consists of 8-year-old kids. Yeah, Good Luck.

FFVIIFan4913d ago

I just dont like the idea of Friends Codes to begin with. Too much hassle.

Twizzlada_Shogun4912d ago

friend codes are ridiculous...