Why Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Isn't Available In China

Microsoft just released a new Flight Simulator. Players around the world are enjoying the game—save for China.

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Kavorklestein342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Oh well, who cares? China can make a cheap Rip off for PC by next Thursday and call it good.

GamerRN342d ago

With most games, yes... But honestly I'll say no to this one... Between cloud streaming, and just level of quality... Etc

King_Noctis341d ago

What’s wrong with its level of quality? This is one of the best looking game out there.

mkis007341d ago


He means it would be hard to get this level of quality with a knockoff...

Not everyone is out to bash.

GamerRN341d ago


That's my point. I don't think the Chinese could "knock off" this game

King_Noctis341d ago


Apologize for misreading what you had said. I do agree, this one will be hard to copy.

Kavorklestein341d ago

Yeah, true Haha. This is a big feat.
My comment was mostly a semi-stereotypical joke about China's Cheap Products and RIP off market of products.

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mch2011uk341d ago

Not sure but is it because of free thinking or is Tibet being classed as a country.

Snookies12341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Yes, but do you get shot down over Area 51? This is the important question. And if you survive, will Naruto running prevent any further harm?

sprinterboy341d ago

Never thought of thst haha

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