Bossa Studios goes fully remote

From Games Industry: "UK developer Bossa Studios is shifting its work structure following lockdown measures, now allowing permanent remote working.

As of now, Bossa employees can either work from home, the London office or a mix of locations "as best suits their working preferences and personal needs.""

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RazzerRedux268d ago

I haven't been in my office in four months. Starting to wonder if this is going to be typical for a lot of jobs. Some businesses may realize they are renting a lot of unneeded space.

kneon268d ago

You're right, I expect many companies will realise that they are wasting money on office space, and on excess middle management. That won't be good for commercial real estate values. And it will impact the millions of restaurants, bars etc. who's main customers are the cubicle dwellers of the now much emptier office towers.On the upside we'll be wasting a lot less time commuting and will burn a lot less fuel.

But this isn't new for me, I've been working remote for over 20 years.