Console Monster: Mirror's Edge Review

Console Monster writes: "My hands are sweating, heart beating intensely and temper on the brink of destruction. These symptoms come from a disorder directly related with playing Mirror's Edge. I had always imagined that N+ would be the most frustrating game I have had the pleasure of wanting to cry over, but Mirror's Edge has taken the bar slightly higher thanks to frustrating friends that choose to challenge me.

Whilst most of you are thinking I am on the edge of dumping a ton of hate onto the game, you would be wrong. This is the sort of gameplay and finesse that I dream of in gaming. A single stage requiring you to get from point A to point B as quick as possible, a simple concept (one could even say it is my annoying love N+ in 3D). The joy comes in having to determine the route to take whilst running at high speed, needing split second reactions whilst never losing speed throughout the mental assault course. One slip, one fall, and it could very well result in your life; or even worse your speed run time..."

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