Apple to Fortnite Developer Epic Games: We Will Terminate Your Developer Accounts

Apple has informed Epic Games that their developer accounts will be terminated and cut off from development tools by August 28th.

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Jin_Sakai99d ago

The war has begun. I have a feeling Epic screwed up big time.

NovusTerminus99d ago

They are trying to force Apple to do a more fair developer split, much like when they went against Steam.

olafu99d ago

That doesn’t seem to be their goal. It seems to me they want to exist outside of Apples control completely. They want Apple to allow sales directly like having their own marketplace outside of the App Store.

NovusTerminus98d ago

I personally think they are going for a double push, either more fair royalties or opening up the door to 3rd parties app stores, since no laws or court cases exist (To my knowledge) about digital monopoly's this is going to be a very large and vital case for setting precedent going forward.

RgR98d ago

Well it's not up to them. They agreed to certain terms and must abide by those terms.

I guarantee you if any gamer did not abide by the terms of service for their games they would immediately ban that gamer.

They're just greedy and want more money.

fr0sty98d ago

If Apple's actions really do violate antitrust laws, Epic is in the right. We'll see how their case plays out.

UltraNova98d ago

I'm afraid no amount of Fortnite money can keep up with Apple's and Google's endless cash reserves. When the dust settles the real winners will be the lawyers.

Christopher98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

***since no laws or court cases exist (To my knowledge) about digital monopoly's this is going to be a very large and vital case for setting precedent going forward.***

That's not true. Even Microsoft's own case for attempting to force all windows 10 apps through their store settled this. A closed system can have its own storefront but Windows is sold as an OS in an open market with no closed system, so it doesn't equate to that. Microsoft tried reversing time and in doing so validated Android/iOS closed systems and invalidated their own system due to it being open.

And just last year they had a civil suit that they won for the same thing. They've also faced lawsuits for things like

Teflon0298d ago

Like I say to everyone siding with Epic. Until Epic unbans everyone who broke Agreements in Fortnite, they need to shut it and follow the rules. You can't play both sides of the fence. They just want to cut Apple out of profit from fortnite with a virtual currency they decide the price on. Just like they initially did on android which is dirty af. Making players download though a APK because you Don't want to share lol? Naw

Rachel_Alucard98d ago

You know for fact even if Epic somehow wins, Apple will just pull the leash harder on their OS to prevent anyone from attempting this again. You can't exactly argue as a victim when you broke the rules first. They are not helping anyone but themselves with this stunt.

Babadook798d ago

I’m an app developer who uses UE4. In my opinion Epic is to blame for circumventing Apples policy. However I think Apple is even more to blame for their reaction in revoking Epics Unreal Editor licensees like myself.

anubusgold98d ago

@NovusTerminus Dont worry the Eu smells blood in the water they will make a special law just for apple.

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porkChop98d ago

Nah, Apple is making a huge mistake. This means the Unreal Engine will no longer be licensed for use or support on iOS. That's a massive amount of games and developers that Apple is basically kicking off their platform. This is just going be to piss the industry off even more, and plenty of them are already against Apple to begin with.

boing198d ago

This will never happen. You're talking about cutting off other developers too.

Angyobangyo98d ago

Absolute nonsense. Unreal is a development tool, it has nothing to do with titles that use the engine itself. The problem is solely how Epic tried to sneak in a payment system on Fortnite that bypasses Apple knowing that’s it would break it’s guidelines. Also note that fortnite also got booted off the the play store.

jukins98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@boing1 its the smaller devs this will help in the long run. You don't understand apples store policies in regards to money. Its not just epic. Im sure you've seen the articles with xcloud on iPhone. Cant use it because you can buy games in app but Apple doesn't get any money from it.

Might not happen overnight but I'm betting apple changes its policies. App revenue is important. And honestly Apple is now getting none rather than some because not everyone was using the method that epic made to circumvent app store.

boing198d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I did two mobile games. I understand perfectly well how much money Apple and Google are taking. Not sure where is this coming from, though. I will be really surprised if they pull the plug on whole content created on Unreal. Sounds a bit...unreal.

Lionsguard98d ago

You do realize that Apple is a 1 TRILLION dollar company right? Epic is a 17 billion dollar company, guess who is going to win this fist fight? I'm not an apple shill but Epic is just trying to tangle with something far larger than itself.

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jukins98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Nah epic didn't screw up. Apple unfairly targets gaming apps with in-game payment systems. Epic is just doing what other developers are scared or not powerful enough to do. Microsoft is having issues with Apple as well with xcloud app. Watch epic and Microsoft is just the start

Not to mention cant you jailbreak and still get it anyway?

boing198d ago

The way I see it. They build it and they own it, so they should be allowed to dictate the rules. You don't like it? You can publish somewhere else. What would you do?

jukins98d ago

I get that but you glossed over the part where Apple treats apps differently. They treat games differently. They blocked microsoft because "they cant review every game" on xcloud. But every movie on Netflix? No prob. And now epic because offeres gamers a cheaper price by circumventing apples store? Now apple gets no money from Fortnite lol. But like i said own the platform or not if you don't treat everyone equal like your policy states its for you really can't get mad when those who actually aren't treated equal react. And I get apple is big but pissing off two industry giants can have huge implications going forward

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rainslacker98d ago

Games and movies are two different products, so they dont have to be treated the same.

Teflon0298d ago

They have agreements. You follow. Epic will ban you without hesitation for violating terms. So no. This apple is being unfair bs, no. Epic is breaking rules and Apple is just following the rules they've set.

porkChop98d ago

"Games and movies are two different products, so they dont have to be treated the same."

Except Apple claims that all developers/apps have to follow the same rules. But that's factually untrue. Apple does not equally enforce their own rules.

r2oB98d ago

@ jukins

Doesn't Epic treat developers differently regarding their store front? I recall reading articles about games being denied on the Epic Store (and thus the potential higher profit margins due to the Epic agreement on profit splits) for the developer refusing exclusivity. Seems like these indie developers are being treated differently than developers that accept Epic's agreements, as well as AAA publishers. Seems like Epic has no right to complain about Apple not allowing them on the Apple Store for now following agreements, while they themselves deny developers from the Epic Store for not accepting their agreements.

rainslacker98d ago (Edited 98d ago )


The higher margins are calculated based on what the developer is willing to do to get within various tiers for revenue splits. Games aren't denied because they won't go exclusive, they just denied those games going into the tiers that pay the higher percentages. To get the highest percentage, you have to agree to a term of exclusivity....which is how Epic actually got most of it's exclusives....not paying for them as some people like to say. You also get more of a cut if you are using the unreal engine.


Where does apple say that all products have to follow the same rules? Every type of app, whether game, streaming service, general apps, etc, all that their own requirements for being approved on the store.

I won't deny that Apple is by far the most strict when it comes to their rules, but outside of some of the anti-trust things they have done, which mostly revolve around removing or marginalizing apps or other things which they come to have a business interest in, I haven't noticed that they are being unequal in how they handle these different categories. They all suck to be honest, but whether they are acceptable policies or not is a different matter to if Epic did the right thing in how they're handling this, and I do believe that what Apple is doing here by banning Epic is using a part of their TOS to try and put pressure on Epic to concede....which isn't illegal, but does border on anti-trust given the circumstances.

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TheScotsman98d ago

Apple is only about money, since jobs passed everything at Apple has went Soo expensive. They lost there way and now want to deny there customers games they want. Always gonna be a work round for fortnite on apple devices and Apple knows this and can do nothing about it. Which is why they want to revoke developer stuff, talk about throw the dummy out the pram

RosweeSon98d ago

Pure greed. They wanted a bigger cut of the pie. Happy to use these platforms to get their app known once they become big not willing to pay the going rates which I believe is 30% same as on Android. They’ve obviously realised how much that is and went no we want that for ourselves. Well set up your own stores and sell it yourselves then as wouldn’t have been half as big without these app stores to sell your app in the first place. Pure greed and biting the hand that feeds them. They were happy to pay the going rate since launch for the first year or however long they’ve been out so what changed... they just want more money. 😑😏😂nev er played it myself no interest in it.

calactyte98d ago

Is it greedy though? Epic games has created a product. They want want to keep more of the money they generate for their product. I think Apple is the greedy one here. They do almost nothing but flick the switch of approval and yet they get 30% of Epic Games hard work? I'm glad they were called out. Just because Apple has more money doesn't have any impact on who will win this lawsuit. Epic games has both the gamers and the developers on their side against Apple. Honestly if Apple weren't playing fast and loose with the rules regarding Netflix they have a much better case. But as it stands it's going to be pretty easy to argue that they have a monopoly and that'll invite government regulation.

I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Now if Apple really does remove any game that was built with Unreal Engine going forward, that's more ammunition that Epic is going to use against Apple when portraying them as unfair competition.

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RazzerRedux99d ago

Epic is waging a PR war against Apple as much as a legal battle.

GamerBoi00798d ago

Bad news for gamers and iOS players. Nothing else.

Whitey2k98d ago

Aswell as for other developers that using the licience of unreal engine

demonseye98d ago

no games that run unreal engine wont be banned. epic wont force people that used the engine not to be sold on apple devices. and apple wont force games that are using the unreal engine that do follow the guidelines out of there platfrom. this is just your opnion that isnt based on anything.

rainslacker98d ago

Apple is threatening to withhold dev support for the game engine, which will affect devs. Both for updates and for current productions.

Right now, it's two companies playing chicken, and they're waiting to see who flinches first. Apple has more to fight with, as even if they lose all that fortnite revenue, it's not so much that theyll be harmed financially by it. But making changes across the board they would lose a lot of revenue, so they're going to fight and knowing apple, they'd have no problem fighting a protracted court battle over the issue.

It is an important issue on many levels within the industry, but I have a feeling the wat epic is handling it isnt going to end well for the industry if it goes to court. Apple isnt legally in the wrong here, and things going to court can put things into precedence that will make it harder to fight this kind of thing in the future if the court decides to side with apple.

thejigisup98d ago

Correction, bad news for ios gamers

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FlyingFoxy98d ago

Screw Apple and their overpriced hardware

FernDiggidy98d ago

I feel that. But i do love their stock though. Been for a while now. Very happy :P