In the Shadow of Shadow of the Tomb Raider: When Did Games Stop Being Fun?

Games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider have ditched fun and challenge in their end game, replacing it with big. Completitionists are suffering.

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P_Bomb69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

The article is referring to 100% completion. In that regard, I feel Shadow’s the most chill plat since Underworld.

The reboot was roadblocked by a MP grind, Rise had the on-rails timed challenge playthrough. Shadow had collectibles, but they were arguably the lesser of the three evils.

I do agree that collectible collection is something that all developers could stand to lighten up on. For me, Rise felt like I was picking something up every minute.

Profchaos69d ago

Rise also had a don't die trophy from memory.

gamer780469d ago

While I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous games. The hunting for stuff was really chill

mcstorm69d ago

Tbh I have felt like this with a lot of games this gen. Games just did not feel as fun as the generations before it. It could be now because I am in my late 30s and a parent. I ended up moving from consoles to pc as I just did not get the buzz. The last console I really enjoyed was the wiiu. The switch just did not get me excited to.

I have always owned all Consoles at some point each gen but this one I have not.

I am hoping we start to see developers add fun back into games as I do feel they make them to action/realistic based some times. Don't get me wrong I enjoy games like this but I also love pickup and zone out games to. That is what we missed this gen imo.

SamPao69d ago

Sounds like you played the wrong games :) (maybe)

I mean I can only write from my own experience but maybe you need to look for some genres that you would normaly give a pass maybe some indie titles, because most AAA games need a lot of time to get into and actually have fun with them, like some hours at once because of all the stuff you can do.
just suggestion ^^

Because for me THIS generation was the best by a long shot

mcstorm68d ago

Maybe I don't know just not felt the love for games this gen.

I have a big range of ips I enjoy always have just felt most of the ones I tried this gen lacked the fun side.

As you said it's each to there own but I can play games from last gen and love the games just not had that.

Some good games I really enjoyed QB but could not get into control as an example.

toxic-inferno69d ago

Collectibles can be great. I'm currently playing Control, and each collectible (documents) makes the world feel so much richer. When collectibles add something to the experience, they are great!

L7CHAPEL69d ago

that's probably one of my biggest complaints against (particularly) open world games,
is this collectathon shit. where they do nothing but pad the game out with picking up things that are absolutely useless,
and in so many ways it's not even funny.

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