Hands On: Project xCloud Works Almost Impossibly Well

'There are moments where this feels like a native handheld experience'

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Jin_Sakai74d ago

Sure thing

I tried it on a 500Mbps fiber connection and it worked pretty well. Then I switched to cellular and it was a different story. There a tower right next to my location so I almost get a 100Mbps connection and it still wasn’t a great experience. There was noticeable lag, the audio would clip out sometimes, and artifacts would appear from time to time. It’s just like every other streaming service I’ve tried.

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roadkillers73d ago

Yeah. I had 200mbps internet and it worked near flawlessly. Used Cell data and as long I wasn’t in a cellar, it ran great. I live in the middle of nowhere and creepy things happen in the middle of nowhere. It’s up to my dog Courage to save my new home... while I play XCloud flawlessly ;)

roadkillers73d ago

Yeah, I was apart of the beta that is ending soon. I tried Halo for the first time, but shamefully spent most of my time in Madden 20. Another game I tried was Hellblade. The collection is great and it is nice that online is included.

bouzebbal72d ago

Is there a comparison video with ps now, just to understand what the fuss is about?? For me Now is working impossibly well.. I can download, steam and play online with one subscription and haven't experienced lags even when playing multiplayer fps.

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Ausbo73d ago

Thanks for that “unbiased” opinion Jin Sakai.

porkChop73d ago

100mbps doesn't matter if your connection has high ping/latency or high amounts of jitter.

fathertime446473d ago

Funny because on my lunch break I was playing just fine with the only issue being some minor artifacting in the video feed and I was only getting l 15mb down and only 2 bars. Sounds like you full of it jin

TheRealTedCruz73d ago

I mean, this has been said on many non-Xbox centric sites as well.

Going by your comment history, it's less about the publication and more about the company they're covering. You'd have no issue with the exact same statement made by a Sony centric site if it were regarding Playstation.

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Jin_Sakai73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

“Easy to see his comment history to know he's making that up. Hell, the article has proof, this "gamer" doesn't. Better yet go watch some YouTube vids to see how well it works.”



I smell BS from a known Sony fanboy. No surprise you’re being a hater in a Xbox article.

IRetrouk73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

regardless of what he's a fan of, he's provided proof of being in the preview program, and what he said actually happens, i know hes telling the truth because I've been in the preview from day 1 and experienced the same issues, he may be a hater of xbox but that does not mean what he's stated is not true, personally I think the service is good for what it is, but it does have the issues jin pointed out.

IRetrouk73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

That stuff you pointed out does happen (been in the preview from day 1), the author does point out some of the drawbacks too jin, like the 720p streaming, the (at times) low bitrate and the fact you really need a 5ghz connection at home, I think he was pretty honest about the service in my opinion, the only other thing I noticed was xcloud does not like 4g either, other than that, the service is as he describes.

fathertime446472d ago

The beta through the game pass app works way better than the 1st beta ever did. It works a lot better over cell signal than ever b4

IRetrouk72d ago

really? I'm going to download the newer version now, because its flat out unplayable at the moment on my 4g connection.

CaptainHenry91672d ago

You also gotta be a game pass ultimate member to get project xCloud which is $15 dollars a month

DJStotty72d ago

I ran it on a 32mbps fibre connection (my router does not do 5ghz wireless, so was running on 2.4ghz), with little to no issues.

Must be another factor causing your issues Jin.

IRetrouk72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

No, even the article mentions not being able to play over 2.4ghz, and I know for a fact it doesn't work right at all, my router switches between the two signals, depending on what signal is stronger, I had to turn it off because everytime it dropped me to 2.4ghz the games became a jittery unplayable mess, plenty of posts online about this too.....

DJStotty72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

no iretrouk, do not lie

"XCloud on a 2.4GHz network connection is much less reliable than a 5Ghz connection, even when up close to the router. 5Ghz is def recommended. If your router has 5Ghz support, you're good"

Reddit thread for your perusal, so

"No, even the article mentions not being able to play over 2.4ghz, and I know for a fact it doesn't work right at all"

Is a bit of a lie, it is just less reliable than a 5ghz connection.

Your router may switch between the 2, but mine in the UK with provider Sky, does not have 5ghz.

From a verified xbox employee :-

"The main problem with 2.4ghz is that the spectrum is crowded. Not just with other WiFi networks but other dissimilar devices such as Bluetooth and Microwave ovens! ( ). This causes interference which leads to dropped packets which leads to a degraded experience. We try to keep the stream real-time, and can’t use buffering techniques like static video services (Netflix, YouTube, etc) since that would introduce input latency. Instead you get visual and audio artifacts.

So if you happen to have a 2.4ghz WiFi setup with not many other devices on it, and few to no other 2.4ghz networks overlapping yours then you MIGHT have a good experience. Now since we recommend using a Bluetooth controller (since wired support is not widely supported across devices), you may observe interference from your own controller that is enough to degrade your experience."

IRetrouk72d ago

Dude, I know for a fact, when using 2.4ghz the games are unplayable, they become a stuttering, leggy mess, not a lie, a cold hard fact, your capping, I'm telling the honest truth.....

all you have to do is a Google search to see how many people have the issue with 2.4ghz, its not just me and jin lol, I'm in the UK too, i use virgin media, you have to change the settings in the router itself to stop the switching, once you do, the service is great.

DJStotty72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


You do know that the 2.4ghz and 5ghz is nothing to do with broadband speeds right?

Just the frequency that your router provides a wireless signal at?

Some people will have no lag using 2.4ghz, and some will have a lot, some it will be unplayable. Household appliances use the same 2.4ghz frequency which interferes with signal from the router.

Anyone knows this, so just because "you" had an unplayable experience using 2.4ghz, does not mean it is the same for the rest of the human race.

You could have a bad router, bad IP setup's, using incorrect ports, need to forward a few ports.

P.s. virgin are renowned to have fast internet, but bad routers. When i was with Virgin, i had dropouts and strict nat constantly, so after a few months swapped to sky whereas the router is a lot stronger signal wise.

IRetrouk72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Dude, regardless of your excuses, the experience on a 2.4ghz connection is subpar, i didnt mention speeds lol, that had nothing to do with what I was saying, the issues jin pointed out are legit, the app itself even tells you to switch from a 2.4ghz signal to a 5ghz signal if possible, if that don't tell you its not optimal, then nothing will lol.

You can claim its only me experiencing this stuff, but the simple fact is its not, its a known issue with the service, you can say my stuff isn't set up right(it is) you can blame my provider(its not), you can even blame me(again with a 5gz signal its great), or you can admit its something that needs worked on and actually direct that towards ms instead of people pointing it out?

Why did you leave virgin if you knew what the issues with the router were? You can go in and change any of those settings yourself.....or even buy your own router if not happy with the signal, but to change to a slower provider over a box you can correct seems silly to me🤷‍♂️

DJStotty72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


you obviously either do not read and comprehend what people are saying, or you are just plain ignorant.

1) i personally had an ok experience with xcloud, on my mobile, on a 2.4ghz wireless connection, yes there was lag here and there but nothing game breaking.

2) i simply pointed out, that although you had a bad experience with using 2.4ghz, does not equate to 2.4ghz not working for anyone at all.

3) as i explained, i left virgin media, as the network connection kept dropping, and the router wireless strength could not reach my room where the console was placed, nothing to do with connection speed, adding in to the fact that they were overcharging (around £125 a month) at the time. I swapped provider for a cheaper one, and sky provided a better router.

4) i have always maintained, that the experience will be better while using a 5ghz wireless connection, that is common sense to anyone.

5) speed has nothing to do with xcloud, you need a minimum of 10mbps download. Sky's lowest is 25mbps (i think) and other providers are well above 30mbps.

6) plenty of users will have issues using 2.4ghz as opposed to 5ghz, i never disputed that. But flat out saying it does not work due to your experience is a fabricated lie.

7) i am making no excuses for anything, again a fabricated statement on your part. I am plainly saying, xcloud works with 2.4ghz wireless, and 5ghz wireless. But the better experience will be with 5ghz (as stated in previous comments)

IRetrouk72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

You question my comprehension yet, again you are mentioning speed, and just to be crystal clear, I did not mention speed in relation to the problems a 2.4ghz signal bring up, i only mentioned my service provider because you did.... but just so you know, the 2.4ghz and 5ghz signals do have speed differences, 2.4ghz throttles your speed, 5ghz allows much more through, just noticed you said the signals have nothing at all to do with speed, but they do.

My comment had nothing to do with speed though, its the fact that on a 2.4ghz connection, the service does not work as advertised, you have blamed everything but the problem itself....xcloud does not work very well with a 2.4ghz signal and it does cause problems, its something that needs work. Like it don't🤷‍♂️

1. So you admit to some of the issues but then claim its fine? Its not fine, its unplayable for a lot of people, you say because ive had a bad experience that it does not translate to everyone, wouldnt that be the exact same thing for your almost perfect experience?, but yet, the issues are still 100% there and need worked on.

2. I didnt say not working at all, I said not working right, and i also gave examples of why it becomes unplayable..

3. So you left over price and not the very easy to fix issues Google and 5 minutes would have sorted, thats fair enough.

4. And thats great, I was only pointing out the truths of the experiance, I like the service and will continue using it even after the preview ends, that won't stop me from giving honest criticism though.

5. Again with the speed.....I didnt mention speed🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

6. It becomes it or not its the truth, not made up lol and not a lie. Its a known issue...

7. You said with little to no issues and then blamed it on the user, yet I'm having the exact same issues he is along with plenty of others, so how is it made up?

DJStotty72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


2.4ghz and 5ghz is frequency and speed.

2.4ghz is slower speeds at a larger range (through walls, different rooms etc)
5ghz is faster speeds at a lesser range (will struggle to reach through walls, into other rooms etc)

Whichever one you want to use is your choice, me personally will use the 2.4ghz and play in another room.

IRetrouk72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I'm glad you are getting a good experiance over 2.4ghz, its just honestly not an option for me and others, I'm lucky in that I knew the router was switching, but not everyone would know this, or have the ability to turn it off, I'm only pointing out what jin was saying was true, using my own experiances to back up what I say, same as yourself. The more people know, the less will have issues, or at least know what the issue is.

DJStotty72d ago

I do not need google, or a 5 minute search session to figure out what is wrong with a network or a router, it is what i do for a living.

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rainslacker72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Any kind of streaming service is going to be dependent on multiple factors, and anecdotal experiences are never an indication of overall quality or actual capabilities, nor will it be indicative of what someone else may experience regardless of having similar either all or some parameters that someone else has.

There is no way to judge the quality of one's experience with these services on an individual level without the individual just trying it. Even if they have a bad experience once, it may be worth trying again if circumstances change on some part of their hardware or network set ups.

The best that can be had about what these systems have to offer is it's maximum potential, and overall general satisfaction when looked at as a whole.

This is true of all these services, which is why I rarely claim someone is wrong when they relay their experience, and typically may only relay my own, or state what I did above. Those with good experiences may also do well to not assume that people with bad experiences are lying about them as well.

IRetrouk71d ago

Thats all well and good and I tend to agree, I wasn't responding to his good experiance, i responded to this

"Must be another factor causing your issues Jin."

Hes denied jins issues as a problem his end, when i know for a fact the app struggles with 2.4ghz signals and causes the issues jin mentions, i even stated on 5ghz its a great service that I would continue to use🤷‍♂️

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Hakuoro73d ago

Nah, I have seen a lot of other reviews that are honest and admit it has the same problems as all the other streaming services. Latency and out or order packets are an inescapable truth of the internet, reviews like this are just misleading people.

gamer780472d ago

problems inherent to streaming games sure, but as an added bonus for playing on xbox, sounds good to me.